When looking for ways to improve your business, you may not immediately think of stickers as a viable option. However, custom stickers for business can be incredibly powerful when used properly. Most people love stickers, and they’ll happily place a well-designed sticker on their laptops, notebooks, bags, or other items they carry around with them. Not only do custom stickers help you secure more sales, but they also provide an additional venue for marketing and promotion. With the right custom sticker for your business, you can see improvements to your company.

How Custom Stickers Improve Businesses

Using custom stickers is a good way to boost your bottom line and increase your marketing reach. A well-designed sticker can easily stand out and help your company gain attention. 

Extra Sales

Selling custom stickers in your shop or office can be a fantastic way to make a little extra cash. With bulk custom sticker printing, you can get a decent number of stickers without having to break your budget. Because the price per sticker is lower as you order more, you get an additional profit made off each sticker purchased. If your stickers have a design people will be interested in, then you’ll be able to sell more stickers and help support other parts of your business with the money they bring in.

Special Giveaways

Giving away something for free is an ideal business tactic to help you get noticed and attract future clients or customers. Custom stickers for business make perfect freebies to give away at meetings, conferences, and other events. If you’re in competition with other businesses, having a unique and appealing sticker to hand out helps you get ahead of the others. Stickers are also perfect to give away with orders made online or purchases made in-store. Because they’re relatively cheap to produce, you can offer them as an added incentive to get more business.

Additional Promotion

Whether you sold someone a sticker or gave one away, there’s a strong possibility that those stickers will help boost your marketing goals. When most people buy stickers or receive them for free, they tend to put them in easy-to-see places. This often includes devices and objects they carry around with them, such as laptops and notebooks. Now, whenever that person uses that object in public, even more people see your sticker. With a custom sticker that has your logo, company name, or a way to find your website (such as a URL or QR code), all those extra people turn into potential customers/clients.

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Designing Custom Stickers for Business

You can’t just throw together a custom sticker for your business and hope it works. Planning your stickers is necessary if you want to maximize your reach and ensure you get more business. After all, the appeal of stickers comes from their visual design. If you don’t have the right design, no one will want to buy your sticker. And even if you give the sticker away for free, people are less likely to use that sticker somewhere to help show your company off to others. Here are some tips you can utilize in designing your sticker to help boost your business.

Include Business Information

Having your business’s information somewhere on your sticker is vital. Without it, there’s no real way someone can find your company just by looking. However, you don’t want your business information to overpower the rest of your sticker’s design. Unless your logo is itself the sticker, you’ll want to find other ways to include your business contact. Methods for this include:

  • Adding a QR code in the corner for people to scan
  • Including your company name or website address in the outline areas
  • Incorporating your company name into the sticker design

Whichever method you choose, it’s important to keep your focus on the visual design aspect of the sticker. Without a good visual, it’s not going to be as effective as it could be.

Use the Right Color Scheme

Maintaining brand integrity can help customers and clients easily recognize your company. By utilizing the same color scheme and design elements as other promotional materials already in place, your stickers can tie into your brand. While you don’t want everything to look the same, you do want to make sure you don’t stray too far from what is expected of your company.

Properly Format Files

Even if you have a stellar design, it could print out differently if you don’t format your files before sending them to the printer. Your files need to be set up properly so that the printing machine and cutters can print the perfect custom stickers for your business. Make sure the following settings are correct before you send your stickers to the printer:

  • Color Spectrum – Your file should be formatted using the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color spectrum. Most image editing software is set to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) by default, so double-check before you hit send.
  • DPI – The DPI (dots per image) of your file should be at least 300. Anything lower than that could result in a blurry or distorted print.
  • Bleed and Margin – Sometimes there are minor errors when cutting out stickers that can lead to a small loss of the sticker when cut. For this reason, you should include a bleed area of 1/4” to ensure no important information is lost.

Custom Stickers for Business with Guru Printers

Custom stickers can be an easy way to boost your business, improve your sales, and help increase your promotional reach. At Guru Printers, we create high-quality custom stickers for business. We even have a team of in-house designers ready to help you create the perfect sticker to help your business grow. If you’re ready to see how custom stickers can help your company, start placing an order online today or give us a call at (213) 320-4865 if you have any questions.