Grab everyone’s attention by using color copies.  For decades, the concept of color has been changing how we see the world and conduct business. Look what it did for television viewing since it was introduced in the 1950s. Now think of this: If color could change the way we watch television, think about how it can change how you do business. No matter how big or small you business is, adding color to your marketing tools will improve the amount of people who actually take the time to read what you hand out.

How much color you use will depend mostly upon your marketing budget. Let’s see how color can help improve your business marketing strategy.


If going with a partial-color copies, make sure your logo is in full-color. The colors used in the design of the logo need to be recognizable and automatically associated to your company. Customers, clients and potential customers will be more likely to grab your marketing materials when they see and recognize the logo.

Attention grabbers

Add color strategically on the page to guide readers to what you want them to see and read. Use color for the headline to get someone to read a story or use a color graphic to draw the eye to a specific sale or event.


Use a color photo of yourself, your employees and your products. The color will show more details and specifics about your products, encouraging customers to want more information or to make a purchase.

Direct mail

Color copies can be used as part of a direct mail marketing campaign. The copies can be mailed to current and potential customers as part of a promotion or upcoming sale.

As technology has improved, color copies have become less expensive, making it possible for business owners with any budget size to utilize this marketing tool. Give your business every marketing advantage possible. Color copies can help enhance your current marketing strategy and get your business information read by everyone who gets their hand on your marketing materials.