What does your Business Card say about you?
Your business card is not just your name and contact details. It is a marketing tool. Promotional material in a small package. Your business card says a lot about your reputation and business image. Business card design and printing is not something to be taken lightly. When you hand over your business card, it is often the first personal impression that a potential customer, partner or stakeholder gets of you and your business. Real thought and effort need to be put into your and your companies business cards.
A business card is not something that you slap together quickly just so people have your contact details. A business card requires design software and a strategy has to how best to reflect the right image for you and the company. Although a very important element of your business, business card design and printing can be done at a good print store that has both design expertise and high quality printing capabilities.
There are a number of factors to consider when initiating your companies business card needs. The first factor is of course design. Careful thought needs to be given to the font used for text, the size of font and the layout of text. Your business card wants to be legible, clear and professional. Artistic fonts will not work and a large font may be readable but will clutter the card. Clever use of color for fonts can guide readers to your most important contact detail or the one you most use or highlight your position within the company, reassuring the recipient they are talking to the right person. Text can be raised giving a card additional texture and detail ensuring your card will be remembered.
You of course want your company logo and you want the logo and company name as a focal point on your card. You don’t want recipients to struggle to find your card once it is sored later on. Professional detail such as gold foiling on business cards can add a dimension of status and professionalism to a card. The gold foiling will again set your business card apart from the many generic cards a recipient is likely to have. Gold foiling on business cards, when printing correctly and on high quality paper will bring elegance and reflect attention to detail.
Given that business cards face rough handling and often sit in pockets or wallets before being stored carefully, they need to be durable and tough. You don’t want your business card to crumple or tear when handled or wilt when stored in a hot pocket. Paper choice is thus critical and again, is often an indicator of the image that you and your company are portraying outside of the office.
Business cards are thus a significant factor in image and the recipients perception of what you and your business care about. They require more thought than you would think and it is highly recommended that you use a good print store with a reputation in design and quality printing to produce your business cards. You never know, gold foiling for business cards may be just the image that your company needs to capture those important partnerships.