Spread the Message
Flyers are a vital part of business promotion in certain industries and are a cheap and effective way of distributing a message about a product or service that you have to offer or a special event or offer you wish to communicate. Whether you intend to drop flyers in mail boxes or to hand them out at high foot or vehicle traffic areas, a well-designed flyer can lead to a healthy return on marketing investment.
These days a good store offering flyer printing for business promotion will provide a variety of options for your next flyer that will set yours apart from the other generic flyers. A good store will offer a variety of flyer sizes. Perhaps you have a brighter, bolder image that will capture attention when on a slightly larger flyer or you need the message to be more personal on a smaller page size. At Guru Printers in Los Angeles you get the option of three sizes from 8.5 x 5.5” to 11 x 17”.
A unique and novel approach to flyers is to have a fold. This might simply be a half-fold allowing for the material to guide a potential customer through the message or offer but with some creativity, the message can be communicated using a tri-fold or zip-fold. Again a good print store should offer you options that allow you to promote your unique business in a unique way. Paper quality is important in flyers as you want the potential customer to feel valued. Thin, poorly coated paper is going to land up in the rubbish bin faster than a higher quality feeling paper as the customer will notice the effort and the difference.
The unfortunate reality of flyers is they do get discarded often. A thoughtful printer will ensure environmentally friendly inks and papers minimising the impact the flyers have when discarded. As a responsible business manager, this is an important consideration for a flyer promotion.
If you are thinking of a flyer printing for business promotion then head down to Guru Printers before or a flyer you even start the design of your flyer to get their expert advice on flyer size and options. All of the options discussed above are available at Guru Printers and if you are not in the Los Angeles area then compare your local stores with what Guru Printers offers to gauge their offering quality and value for money. A good print store won’t just offer the printing options but will walk you through the full design, layout and flyer choices that you have. Guru Printers is not just printers but creative experts that understand potential customer uptake of your message as well as you do.
If you are using the flyer strategy for your next event promotion, restaurant offer or product special then maximise your chances of higher awareness and less discard with a well-designed, professional flyer. Make your way down to your local store and discuss your thoughts with them. Within a few days you will have a flyer ready for hand out.