Custom Canvas Prints and Framed Print Canvases. 

Canvas printing goes beyond holiday pictures or family portraits. As an artistic marketing tool canvas printing is an eye-catching and cost effective way to enhance brand appeal and increase impact.

Canvas prints are a great alternative to vinyl banners or posters when it comes to unique marketing strategies. What vinyl banners and poster printing don’t offer is the three-dimensional appearance of a canvas with depth and textures. When walking into a room or a business one is struck by the presence of a well-placed canvas print in it’s commanding of attention.  Whether stretched, rolled or framed canvas prints can be much more than personal artistic statements for decorating a home or office but rather a key marketing tool in creating a brand’s identity.

The ideal canvas print

Selecting the right images for your canvas prints is crucial whether it will serve as the center piece of your living room or as a marketing tool for your business. Here are Guru Printers tips on how you can optimize your canvas printing.

Make an impression and create an environment.

Canvas prints create an environment and set a tone for customers and guests.  Setting a first impressions by hanging a canvas prints in the reception area of your business is a good way to communicate what your business is about. Maybe you’ll want to showcase images of the local area in bold photographs or illustrations to show how your business is part of the community it is established in.

Canvas prints as marketing materials in trade shows and conventions.

A company logo or tagline printed on a canvas is quite effective in standing out at a trade show or convention.  Select some high-quality images of your products or services to present what your business is all about. A well designed logo canvas that hangs above your kiosk or trade show station is a sure way to command presence and professionalism.

Canvas prints as accents and décor within a café or restaurant.

Canvas prints create visual appeal for cafes and restaurateurs. Choose high quality images of popular dishes from your menu or some of the fresh ingredients you use and turn your canvas print into eye-catching central accent for your restaurant dining area or café. When used as décor canvas prints enhance that ambiance of a place while making an impact on customers.

Choose the right finish.

Canvas prints come in a variety of finishes and materials which lend to their durability and versatility.  Guru Printers offers many options of canvas material you can use to print your image on some of which are waterproof and most of which provide resistance to fading.

 Quick canvas printing tips

  • Choose a satin-matte finish canvas print to avoid glare if you will be displaying your canvas print in a brightly lit area
  • A standard 24×36 canvas print may look great on it’s own but inquire about framing print canvases to give your canvas print that extra touch.  Guru Printers offers framing services for most of your canvas printing needs.
  • When choosing a photo to print on canvas you must ensure that it will look good as a large print.  Please make sure all your images are high resolution when uploading your photos.