Guru Printers Tips for High Quality Canvas Prints


 Custom canvas printing is a great way to commemorate special moments and make them last.  Canvas prints are also used to recreate popular works or art, movie posters or images from popular culture.  At Guru Printers we make printing to canvas easy as well as offering additional framed canvas options.
Here are a couple of tips to help you before you go to print on your next canvas print.

1.) Select an image

Start with a high quality image to get the best results. It’s crucial that you make sure your image is of high quality as with any large format print. The bigger the canvas size you want to print then the higher your image quality must be. Consult one of our team members about the required sizes and settings for your image in relation the canvas size you want printed.

2.) Set a DPI of 300 or higher.

Set your images to at least 300 DPI or higher for flawless photo reproduction on canvas. Too low of a DPI can result in poor-quality, pixelated images that reflect poorly on the porous material we print canvases on .

How to set DPI with Adobe Photoshop:

  • Click “File”
  • Click “New”
  • Set “Resolution” to “300” or higher
  • Select “Pixels/Inch” for the Units
  • Click “OK”

3.) Select between a rolled or stretched canvas.

If you plan on framing the canvas yourself then you want to order a rolled canvas. Rolled canvas are more cost-effective and easier to store for framing at a future date.  If you want to display your canvas as soon as it is printed then we recommend ordering a stretched canvas instead.  Contact one of our associates for additional information on canvas print frames.

Custom Canvas Printing Los Angeles

4.)  Select between museum or gallery wrapping

With stretched canvases you will have the option of going with gallery or museum wrapping.

In gallery wrap canvases are stretched and wrapped around the edge of the frame with the canvas being secured from the rear.  Gallery wraps offers a more three-dimensional image that can be viewed from the front, sides, top and bottom. By choosing the gallery wrap your stretched canvas can appear like it’s protruding from or off the surface on which it’s hung.

Museum wrap canvases are stretched in almost the same manner as gallery wrap canvases with the exception of the image not going over the sides, top and bottom. With the museum wrap option the sides, tops, and bottoms of museum wrap canvases have a simple blank border.

Contact one of our associates for more information about custom canvas prints and framed canvases.