Get your color copies made at Guru Printers

Color can be used in many different ways.  Vibrant color helps draw a person’s eye to the piece, especially when it is among multiple items.  Bright colors help the article stick out and be seen which is exactly what any business wants to have happen.  You don’t want a black and white printed piece of paper to disappear in a stack of papers that gets ignored and forgotten.

Guru Printers is here to help you when you need color.  Sometimes it is as simple as bringing in a print out of the item you want to be copied.  We can make fifty copies or a thousand copies, whatever you need.  We are always willing to make the exact number of copies you need and we get the copying done quickly.

If you are not entirely sure how to use color to enhance an item, come in and talk with the staff at Guru Printers.  We will gladly give you ideas and even show you examples of how color can add to your piece.  Color can grab and pull a person into reading the rest of what you are presenting.  It can highlight specific ideas that are important.  Before you decide to make copies of your presentation to hand out be sure to talk with us.  Strategic placement of color in your copies will help stress the important points, and will not add much to the cost of copying.

Be sure to use multiple, bright colors when designing brochures.  Using color copies is quick and easy once you have the brochure design on paper.  It also allows you to make more copies when needed so that you won’t have a large excess of brochures nor will you easily run out.  We can hold the original at our business and you can call when you need more copied, then pick them up quickly.  The work will be done when you arrive.

Another great place to use color is on postcards.  Your item can be copied onto cardstock, then cut to the desired size for sending as postcards.  Having color copies made and cut at Guru Printers is quick and easy.  Most postcards will be three or four cards to the page.  Remember that we can copy double-sided.  If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to set up for double-sided copies just ask and one of our staff will be sure you get it right.

Using color copies can be a great way to preserve the impact of the original piece.  Don’t settle for a simple black and white copies of a color article.  Instead, drop by Guru Printers and we will quickly make color copies for you to hand out.

Start thinking about when you can use color copies and come to Guru Printers for fast, friendly service.  Using color copies instead of black and white does not increase cost much and remember that color makes your items look more professional and copying allows you to get the exact number you need, with no excess to waste.