In simple words, automation and digitalization will never take the place of business cards.

Generally, business cards contain a company’s contact details. However, today companies also use business cards for marketing purposes to drive customers. In addition to contact information, the primary objective of using a business card is to create a good first impression on prospective customers.

Although digital devices, such as the internet of things (IoT), Android phones, and iPhones, can send information to another device, the problem occurs when devices are incompatible. So, this can cause massive problems for businesses, especially when they need to spread the brand’s message.

Because not all prospective customers have compatible devices, business cards printed at Guru Printers, Los Angeles, make absolute sense for any company. Let us discuss why you should choose Guru Printers for business card printing. Read on!

High-Quality Business Card Printing

Guru Printers use a wide range of paper materials to print quality business cards. For instance, we use glossy business cards printed on 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 32pt cardstock with an UV coating.

Our team will apply UV coating to one or both sides, depending on your needs. Glossy UV-coated business cards are sturdy and less prone to wear and tear. At the same time, the glossy paper provides extra shine and makes images/colors look vibrant and sharp.

However, not all printing services can design and print quality cards. Guru Printers has been serving LA businesses for years and makes substantial efforts to make the card design come to life, improving your brand’s reputation.  

In addition, glossy UV-coated business cards chip on edges and prevent dirt, dust, stains, and other environmental pollutants. Keep in mind that minor details make a massive difference. So, this is what Guru Printers take into consideration, allowing you to choose from a wide range of printing options, including sizes, sides, quantity, and even turnaround time.

Moreover, if you want to pop colors with a shine-free finish, you can order matte business cards at Guru Printers. We offer a wide selection of matte business cards templates explicitly tailored to different niches or industries. Other materials or business card printing options at Guru Printers are:

  • Premium Business Cards
    • Matte w/ Spot UV
    • Myriad Foil
    • Silk w/ Spot UV
    • Silk Laminated
    • Silk w/ Stamped Foil
    • Velvet Laminated
    • Velvet w/ Spot UV
    • Velvet w/ Raised Spot UV
  • Specialty Paper Business Cards
    • 14pt Uncoated
    • 14pt Natural (Cream)
    • 18pt Kraft
    • Pearl Metallic
    • Linen Uncoated

We also offer ultra-thick cards, including 22pt gloss laminated, 32pt black triple-layer, 32pt painted edge, and 32pt uncoated stamped foil, plastic business cards. Keep reading!

Customization Options

Businesses usually have two design options for business cards: generic or customized cards. The former employs ready-made designs, and all you need is to add your contact information, logo, and other details.

The latter allows you to fully customize your business cards according to your brand specifications, such as colors, text, fonts, patterns, etc. Custom business card printing provides you an opportunity to leverage Guru Printers’ professional design services to create an innovative product that best fits your needs.

Moreover, adding a personal touch improves your brand’s personality and image, letting your potential customers know that you are all about quality, standard, and reliability. If you want to make a continuing impression on existing customers and showcase your business as a reputable organization, opt for Guru Printers’ business card printing services in Los Angeles.

Our online customization tool lets you choose the desired size, sides, coating, corners, rounded corners, the radius of corners, artwork, and quantity. A custom business card printed by Guru Printers is a unique and quality product never used before.

Reasonable Prices

Because business cards showcase your company’s profile and reputation, it is crucial to opt for quality printing papers to achieve a reliable product. However, quality papers for business card printing will cost you a lot of money.

The good news is that this is not the case when you choose Guru Printers, LA, for your business cards design and printing. Our team may give a metallic finish or print the card in special raised form depending on your specifications. Whatever you choose, you will receive quality cards at reasonable prices.

Moreover, companies order business cards in bulk, which costs a lot of money. Guru Printers has a transparent pricing policy, meaning no hidden cost. Our prices are according to the market conditions, and we don’t charge extra. The purpose is to ensure affordability for our clients.

Exceptional Customer Service

Guru Printers remain dedicated to quality, creativity, and flexibility when printing business cards or other promotional materials. Our team follows a thorough approach and proven designed techniques with a touch of creativity and personalization to deliver premium products that allow businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

We have an exceptional customer service team who guide you through the process. We will change our printing strategy if something does not work for you. Our objective is to ensure a 100% quality product is designed and printed according to your requirements.

So, when you place an order with Guru Printers, you will receive the best value for money. Thanks to the highly talented staff, cutting-edge equipment, and friendly attitude, Guru Printers has become the industry leader in Los Angeles.

Final Words

There are dozens of business card printing services in Los Angeles. However, not all provide quality, custom, faster, and affordable services. Guru Printers is a reputable printing shop/company in LA dedicated to producing quality business cards on premium papers.

We offer a wide range of design options and templates to ensure you receive a superior-quality product that aligns with your brand image. Likewise, we use the latest, cutting-edge printing machines to speed up the process without delays. Call Guru Printers today to discuss your company’s business card design and printing requirements.