Appointment cards are a way for your business card to multitask

Appointment Cards

Your business cards are a great way to make in impression on your potential clientele or current customers.  They communicate the professionalism of your business and brand.  In this article we explore how the back of your business card is just as important as the front, especially as it can also serve the function of an appointment card. 

Guru Printers offers full color or black and white printing on the front and back of most cards giving you a lot of space to convey your message. The front of a business card is traditionally used to include your logo, tagline/slogan, and company name.  The backside provides further detailed info like your name, professional title, website, and contact info.  Some of our clients even choose to print special offers or discount codes on the back of their business card depending on the nature of their profession.  But the backside of your card can also serve a more practical function as an appointment reminder. 

Right on schedule

Most businesses make appointments with clientele day after day.  Appointment cards serve the purpose of keeping your customers and business right on schedule in all industries from real estate, legal, and health to hair salons, massage services and plumbing.   

Appointment cards are a great way to remind your customers to keep an appointment while fostering rapport and loyalty to the goods or services you provide.  From one point of contact to the next, appointment cards serve to facilitate a client’s return whether that be for clinic visits, recommended maintenance dates, or consultation meetings.    

Old school methods in modern times

Even with the advent of smartphones and various calendar reminder apps many people still prefer to have a tactile means to remember things.  In some scenarios when appointments are being made, your customers may be in a rush and not have enough time to take out their phone and set a reminder. Often, many clients tell themselves, “I’ll jot it down later, so I don’t forget”.  Sometimes, they end up forgetting to write down the appointment in their phones or worse, they forget the details of the appointment time and date.    Your unique appointment card serves as a reminder to aide your clients in keeping their priorities organized.

Various templates and styles


At Guru Printers we have a wide selection of appointment business card styles and templates. We can tailor your appointments card to your needs which are just as unique as your business.  Go with our tried and true Uncoated business cards that include a designated time, date and note template.  These uncoated appointment/business cards make it easier for you or your customers to jot appointment details on.  We also offer  rounded corners and square-shaped cards for those who want a less traditional design.  We can also customize your text and spacing to your liking.  

Your business and appointment cards should be as unique as your personal voice. In addition to serving as an appointment card, your business card can be customized with various paper, shape and design options.  Reach out to our team to find the best fit for you. 

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