Architecture has really jumped on the ability to use 3-dimensional printing to produce objects from small to very large. It is in their nature to think in 3D and now they can almost draw in 3D. At times the uses of 3D printing seem endless within the realm of design. If you are someone who is just getting started into 3D printing Guru Printers is there to help you. Our professional Projet 3D Printer by 3DSystems can assist your business with any architecture based 3D design that you need produced.
Nothing can make a greater first impression or instill confidence in a client like a model produced to scale of the architectural project you are working on for a customer. You may feel that there is no way for your firm to afford a 3D printer at this time but that does not mean you have to pass up the opportunity to produce a model. Guru Printers is there to help. We can assist with the production of the printer file from your blueprints, then print it out. Colors used can match exactly what will be seen when the actual building materials are used. Fine details can be included to make it as realistic as possible. The visual effect is awe inspiring. We will help you build your architectural firm by providing you the scaled models you need on time and for an excellent price. Having refined, precise models from Guru Printers will give you a special advantage in the business world. Your 3D model will communicate concepts quite clearly compared to blueprints and imagination of your potential client.
Another use for 3D models in architecture comes during the entire design phase of a project. Having a 3D model made intermittently can help detect design problems so that architects and engineers can work together to fix the impending problem before production of the actual building. Innovative, contemporary designs of today can be easily reproduced by 3D printing. Intricate models can be produced in a day, the same models that used to take weeks to complete.
Don’t think you will never need 3-dimensional printing because it is used more often than you might imagine. The 3D printer at Guru Printers can be used to produce high quality 3D terrain and urban maps. Even below ground structures can be produced as a 3D map. 3D scan data can be turned into highly accurate surface models. Costs are low and we pride ourselves in having excellent turnaround time.
A most wonderful use of 3D printing in architecture is creating true to life models for blind people. It can allow a blind person to “see” a home, its room layout, and much, much more. When confronted with a new structure to navigate in a blind person will find the plastic models that can be created at Guru Printing indispensable. They will be much less likely to run into walls, and will know where the bathroom is without having to get someone to take them to it the first couple of times.
When you need 3D printing for architecture based projects don’t hesitate to come to Guru Printers. We are on your side and will help you complete the models that you need.