Stickers are a hot commodity at any conference, convention, or other events. People may easily pass by business cards or flyers, but they’ll take bookmarks, stickers, and postcards without question. Stickers can be a great item to give away to get your logo or art out in the world. They also sell well and can be used as an incentive to buy other products or sign up for mailing lists. Because it’s easy to print stickers on demand in LA, it’s a good idea to take the time to decide if printing stickers will benefit your event.

What’s on Your Sticker?

Deciding whether or not to print stickers will mainly depend on what you’re putting on the sticker. Are you looking to print your logo or small art? Then a sticker is a great item to have on hand. However, if your design is too wordy or large in size, then stickers will quickly become overcrowded or hard to read. As long as your design is small and not too wordy, stickers are the right choice for your next event.

How Many Stickers on Demand Do You Need?

Buying in bulk always saves time and money no matter what you’re printing. Before ordering sticker sheets or rolls, consider how many people you expect to attend the event and whether you’re going to be giving stickers away or trying to sell them. If you’re giving stickers away, then you’ll be better off buying in bulk. That way, you’ll have enough to cover all the attendees. If you’re trying to sell them, you may want to consider how much demand you think there will be for stickers, as buying too many could set you back. If you think you’ll be needing a lot of stickers or want to have stock for a few events at a time, then go ahead and print your stickers for the next event. 

What’s the Event?

Not every event is a good place for stickers. They are perfect for events with a showroom or seller’s floor, such as conventions and some artistic conferences. More business-based events are less ideal for stickers. Typically, people attending work conferences or workshops will likely be interested in business cards and information-heavy materials like flyers and brochures. Stickers can still be a good handout at these events, but it may be wiser to invest your time and money in other materials that are more business-oriented. 

Print Stickers on Demand in Los Angeles with Guru Printers

Printing stickers on demand is reasonably inexpensive and easy in the LA area, but it may not always be the right call for your next event. Consider the design of the sticker, how many you need, and whether or not the event is really going to be sticker-worthy. If you have a logo or small art design you want to print, need a lot of them, and are heading to a convention or art conference, then getting stickers on demand is the right choice for you.