The importance of starting with organized and press-ready design files is one thing we really emphasize when it comes to a successful and efficient print job.  The best way to avoid any unforeseen problems or delays is to ensure that all your files are in order.

Here at Guru Printers we offer low cost proofing for those who may be too busy to double check every aspect of their files.  Furthermore, our pre-press associates are here to help you with any file prep questions you may have.  Our team members can easily identify any potential problems with your design files before you go to print thus saving you money and time.

Here are a few general pointers to help in preparing your files before uploading them onto our Guru Printers website:

Prepare Your File

  • Design files need to be properly setup for the size of your final prints.
    • Check for the appropriate bleed size (0.25”) bleed all around.
    • In order to avoid your images or text from being cut off keep a 0.125” distance for the trim area.
  • Make sure that your design or documents are centered within the given template.
    • In the case of brochures or other folded prints, double check to make sure that your text or other contents are centered and avoiding areas where the fold will be.
  • Check the page orientation if you are doing a double-sided print job.
    • We highly recommend browsing our templates or other reputable sites with templates.

Resolution For Graphic Elements

  • Photos or images must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution or more.
    • All design files intended for print must be set to CMYK (avoid RGB files).
    • Please submit only the original copies of images you used in your design within CMYK color format.
    • For the best quality and accuracy of your images and vectors we recommend
    that you save your images in lossless .TIF and your illustrations in lossless .EPS formats.

Resolution and Settings for Text and Fonts
• Make sure that you’ve properly embedded the font you used for your design.
• Save and archive your font files in compressed .zip format.
• To best help identify your fonts make sure you have folders with names to easily locate and identify your fonts.
• For best resolution all fonts should be at least 400 dpi.
• Proof read and double check your text for font errors, misspellings, grammar and punctuation

The best way to prevent any unforeseen problems with your print project is to properly prepare your files. At Guru Printers we pride ourselves on a stress-free and smoothly run printing process for our customers.  Preparing your files before you send them to us ensures that your quality print job will run even more efficiently.