Planning a wedding is an exciting affair.  Paying attention to the details of any wedding like the attire, the location and the design is par for the course.  Equally as important are the prints like your wedding invites and RSVP cards.  But did you know that beyond the basic invitation cards there are many other details that can really spruce up your big event?  At Guru Printers we offer all the products and services necessary for your wedding.  We’ve provided a list of some of our most popular wedding prints that provide that extra touch of detail.

Popular Wedding Printing Services

Invitations To The Rehearsal Dinner

Some people usually opt for digital rehearsal invites and though that’s a viable option, printing or mailing them out can add a more personalized flair to the Rehearsal Dinner invitations.  Most rehearsal dinner invitations will include the essential details that you want your attendees to know.  A rehearsal dinner is an important step leading to your bid day.  A printed invite will ensure your attendees are more likely to read the crucial details you provide when compared to a standard digital invite.

Custom Printed Envelopes  

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events for newlyweds and their guests.  Going the extra step to create custom envelopes that match the theme of your stationary leaves an impression worthy of such a momentous event.

Program Cards For The Ceremony

Wedding ceremony programs let your guests know the timeline and things to expect throughout your wedding ceremony.  They also make for a nice keepsake and memory of your special day that guests often take with them.  Check out our 4″ x 9″ Rack Cards which can make for great program guides.

Menus For The Reception

Printing a menu for the reception meal is a thoughtful gesture to your guests showcasing the lunch or dinner offerings at your momentous event.  Placing a printed menu on each table setting is also a great way to inform your guests of the ingredients in your meal options in case of any sensitivities or allergies.

Tags For Wedding Favors 

Some wedding provide favors and small keepsakes for their guests.  Printing a hang tag to attach to your favors is a nice added touch to share the recognition of your special while also perhaps including a personalized note to all your attendees.

Signs For The Bar Wedding Menu

Printing a custom bar menu sign is an easy and affordable way to show courtesy to your guests by providing the drink and cocktail options at your reception.  Given their durability these signs can also come in handy long after your wedding for any other special event you may be having.

Direction Cards 

Printing direction or escort cards that help direct your guests to their assigned table is a good alternative to a seating chart.  By using an escort card, there’s no need to assign place settings for each guest. They are a great personalized way to get your guests to the right seats and tables. Highly customizable and usually printed on our Folded Business Cards they also make for great souvenirs of your wedding festivities which guests can take home with them.  .

Thank You Cards

Just as it begins with a wedding invitation it is also customary send thank you greeting cards after your wedding.  Your guests will sometimes travel great distances to attend your wedding all while baring gifts for the newlywed couple.  A thank you card is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all who attended.  At Guru Printers we make printing services easy and highly customizable in various quantities, designs, and paper stocks.

Popular Wedding Printing Services