Stickers have long been a popular printing product choice for many. Businesses use stickers to help boost their sales. Brands use stickers to increase their marketing efforts. And crafters use stickers to help their creative ideas bloom. No matter why you need them, custom-cut stickers are the perfect way to help your ventures improve. But it’s important that you design your custom stickers the right way to ensure they work for you rather than against you. A poorly designed sticker can be a waste of both time and money.

Common Custom-Cut Sticker Designs

There are countless possibilities when it comes to custom-cut stickers. The design options are limited only by your imagination. But if you’re having trouble thinking of a good design, there are some common ones that have proven to be successful. Each design can be utilized in both business and personal projects.

Art Outline

Outlining a piece of art is one of the most common designs for custom-cut stickers. Taking a single image and cutting a sticker out around it makes for an appealing and fun design. This is perfect for artists who have characters or scenes they want to share or companies with unique logos that would make great decorations. To get the best art outline sticker, make sure you include a bleed area, so nothing important is cut off. Choosing a contrasting or complementary color for this area can further enhance your design.

Font Outline

Just like with an art outline, you can make a simple sticker out of a word or saying. Decorating with quotes or important words is something humans have been doing for years, and stickers make it easier than ever. By choosing the best font to fit your quote, you can create a unique and stunning sticker that reflects your aesthetic. Also, like with the art outline design, having a bleed area with a contrasting or complementary color can make your font sticker really stand out.

Sticker Sheets

Custom stickers aren’t just limited to one sticker at a time. A fully custom-cut sticker sheet can help any project grow. They make great options for new products in online stores, and they provide multiple decorating choices at once. A sticker sheet is often a mixture of art and font outlines that create a cohesive design with complementary colors and fonts. A successful custom-cut sticker sheet can help you save money by printing multiple designs at once, rather than having to pay for many different prints for each sticker you want.

Photo by Ogawa Hiromasa on Unsplash

Formatting Files for Custom-Cut Stickers

Part of having a good design for your custom-cut stickers includes making sure the file is properly formatted. Without the right formatting, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend designing the image. Proper formatting is required to ensure that the sticker prints properly. Otherwise, you could end up with discoloration or missing important information.

Image Size

An image’s size is about more than just its height and width. The resolution of your image is highly important when printing any product, not just stickers. Most images can display properly on a computer screen at 75 DPI (dots per image). But if you try to print a sticker out at that size, it’s often going to look fuzzy or out of focus. Printing requires a higher DPI to properly display the image. So make sure your sticker’s file is set to at least 300 DPI for a proper print.

Color Spectrum

Part of the appeal of stickers is instant visual stimulation. Colors play an important part in that. Colors are also necessary for both brand recognition and cohesion during an art project. If you don’t properly calibrate the colors on your image for printing, your sticker will come out looking different than you’d expect.

Computer screens display images using the RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum. But printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum instead. You can still print something set with RGB, but the printer will often get the colors wrong because it’s trying to create them through four colors of ink instead of three. When finalizing your file for printing, make sure you switch the image’s color settings to CMYK and adjust the levels as needed to ensure everything comes out perfectly.

Bleed and Margin

Printing machines are calibrated to fit the image files you submit. However, there’s always a small margin of error during the printing process. It’s entirely possible that that small error is enough to cut off an important part of your sticker’s image. To help ensure that the full sticker is intact, always design your image with bleed and margin areas. These can be an extension of your image that can be lost without worry, or they can be a simple background color or design. However you decide to do it, including a bleed area helps ensure your stickers come cut with everything you want included.

Where to Get Custom-Cut Stickers

If you’re looking for a way to get amazing custom-cut stickers for your business or brand, trust Guru Printers to help. We devote our business to providing high-quality printed materials for all of our clients. We even offer in-house design services if you need help creating the perfect custom-cut sticker design. Whenever you’re ready to boost sales or improve your creative products, you can start placing your order for custom-cut stickers online. You can also give us a call at (213) 320-4865 if you have any questions about your order or the products we offer.