Stickers can be a surprisingly effective way to market your business or event. They’re small enough to carry around to most places. They are cost-effective to produce. And most customers or clients enjoy putting them on personal belongings to help spread the message. While there are many different types of stickers available, die cut custom stickers have proven to be particularly effective in marketing. By creating unique and custom designs, you help your brand stand out from the competition and increase your promotional efforts.

How to Use Die Cut Custom Stickers for Branding

Once you have a good logo or unique design element associated with your brand, it’s easy enough to promote it. But getting that association isn’t always easy. With so many logos and promotional designs in the world, it can be hard to make sure yours sticks in people’s minds. The more you use your designs in and around your products or events, the more people will recognize them. And die cut custom stickers are a great, cost-effective way to help boost your branding reach.

Packaging and Shipping Labels

A custom sticker can be extremely useful when packaging and shipping products or promotions. Using a return label that has a custom design not only helps increase brand awareness but also helps streamline your shipping process. Custom stickers can also be placed on the outside of the packaging to help brand products that might otherwise not be recognized as yours. Because you can customize the size and shape of die cut stickers, it’s easy to create something that will match perfectly to the space you have for it.

Freebies and Giveaways

Stickers are relatively cost-effective to print, which means they can net you some high profits if you sell them. But it also means you aren’t losing too much money if you decide to give them away instead. Handing out free items at an event or conference is a great way to spread the word about your brand and encourage people to look you up online. And since custom stickers are unique and often aesthetically pleasing, you can encourage people to put them on display. This can help you increase your promotional reach without having to spend extra time or money on advertising space.

Tips for Designing Custom Stickers

If you’re going to be using die cut stickers to help promote your brand, then it’s crucial that your design works within your brand. When designing a sticker for your business or event, be sure to pay attention to the following elements.

Color Scheme

People are more likely to notice the colors of your design before any other elements. This means it’s crucial that you have a consistent color scheme throughout your promotional designs and branding material. If you already have a logo made, try to match the colors of your sticker to your logo’s design. If you don’t have any branding yet, make sure you pick a color scheme that fits your products or services.

die cut custom stickers

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The choice of font on any promotional and branding material is critical. While decorative fonts can be pretty and aesthetically pleasing, they aren’t always effective in marketing. When branding your business or event, you want to make sure people can understand what that brand is. If they can’t read your text, then it’s harder for them to recognize your brand. Using a legible, large font can help boost your marketing efforts.

Images and Designs

While people more instantly recognize colors, they also recognize certain images or design elements. Having one or two images that you use consistently throughout your brand is a great way to help increase recognition across the board. For example, if you make waterproof products, your brand design might benefit from an umbrella or a raincloud. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it ends up playing a role in your stickers and other promotional materials.

Further Information

Because a sticker design is small, it’s hard to include contact information or a full website address in the design. However, having a way for viewers to quickly find you online is key to helping increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If your business or event is easy to find with a simple online search, then you’re probably okay just using your logo (as long as it has the name as a part of it). But if not, you may want to come up with a phrase or add a QR code to your design that can help direct viewers to your website.

Printing Tips

Even if you have the perfect design, if you don’t take the right steps to ensure a perfect print, you could end up with a less-than-ideal product. When sending your sticker design to a printing company, make sure you double-check the following settings and make any adjustments before hitting send.

  • Color Spectrum: The color spectrum should be set to CMYK, not RGB
  • DPI: The default DPI is usually 75, but it should be a minimum of 300 for a clear print
  • Bleed: Include a ¼” bleed area around your design to ensure no important design elements are cut off if shifting occurs

Where to Get Die Cut Custom Stickers

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