Promoting a business or personal brand isn’t always easy. And with some industries overcrowded with competition, it can feel difficult to stand out among the crowd. However, businesses that use die-cut stickers for their promotions can see an increase in conversion and productivity. Custom stickers offer a variety of benefits for any industry and any business size or model. When you choose to use die-cut stickers for your business, you give yourself a leg-up on the competition.

Why Use Die-Cut Stickers? 

Using stickers in your business promotion goals is a wonderful idea on its own. Stickers are unique, fun, and interesting. More people are willing to take stickers from an event, display them, and even visit the business that gave them out. While normal stickers can be beneficial, working with die-cut stickers is even more helpful for business promotion.

Unique Shapes

Die-cut stickers allow you to create a sticker design in whatever shape you want. This is crucial when it comes to standing out from other businesses. The more unique and creative your design is, the more likely people are to pay attention to it. It’s a similar concept as using business cards. When everyone has the same kind of card, it’s hard for yours to stand out. But if you add a unique twist, such as a velvet coating or UV spotlight, your card will instantly draw attention. Using custom shapes for your stickers can help them stand out from any other business stickers to draw more attention to your company.

Ease of Application

Because of the way die-cut stickers are printed and cut, most people find it’s easier to peel and apply them. Die-cut stickers tend to have less material on the backing to get in the way when applying. Their unique shapes also allow them to stick over curves and other challenging surfaces more easily. Die-cut stickers are made from scratch-resistant vinyl that can be applied to most surfaces, including wood and glass. This means your promotional materials can end up in a variety of places, helping to spread the word about your company.

Fun Design

The shape of a die-cut sticker doesn’t just make it stand out; it also makes it more fun for decorating. People who like stickers tend to put them on all kinds of personal objects, including laptops, bags, and water bottles. The more unique and fun your design is, the more likely it is to end up traveling around with someone. Using die-cut stickers can help you get your business out into the world without having to spend any extra money on additional advertising.

die-cut stickers

Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash

How to Use Die-Cut Stickers for Business Promotion

Stickers can be great in helping you promote your business, but only if you know how to use them properly. While selling stickers can be a good way to boost your income and profits, giving stickers away for promotion can help bring in more business overall.

Conferences and Events

No matter what industry you’re in, you can almost always find a conference or other event to attend. At these events, you’ll need something to give out to tell people and remind them about your business. But if you just give out a plain business card, you won’t get much business back. Having some die-cut stickers on hand to give away can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your promotional efforts.

Promotions and Freebies

If you have an online shop or a physical storefront, you can also give away stickers as part of a promotional event or an add-on freebie. Most customers love the opportunity to get free goodies, especially something as creative and unique as a custom sticker. You can either send a free sticker with every purchase made or make them free add-ons for purchases over a certain amount. Not only will this help boost your bottom line, but it’ll also help increase your promotional efforts.


Even if you don’t give out stickers to others, you and your business partners or employees can still use them to promote your company. Die-cut stickers can be applied to most surfaces and are great for decorating windows, folders, and even car bumpers. By applying stickers to your products or even shipping materials, you can spread the word about your company while enjoying its artwork yourself.

Design Tips for Die-Cut Stickers

Knowing what to do with your stickers is one thing. Being able to design a sticker that actually supports your business promotion is another. Follow these tips to help ensure your die-cut stickers are working for you.

Maintain Brand Integrity

If people can’t recognize the sticker as belonging to your company, then it’s not going to be as helpful. Use the same colors, fonts, and imagery as other promotional material to help maintain brand integrity.

Include Name or Website

Because you want people to be able to trace a sticker back to your company, make sure there’s a way to do that. Either include your company’s name in the design somehow, or include a URL or even a QR code that links back to your website.

Format Properly

An improperly formatted file can lead to misprints and delays in shipping. To ensure your stickers are perfect, check the following settings before hitting send:

  • DPI – should be set to a minimum of 300
  • Bleed – include a ¼” bleed area around your main design
  • Color Spectrum – should be set to CMYK instead of RGB

Where to Get Die-Cut Stickers

If you want to improve your business’ promotional efforts, Guru Printers is here to help. With everything from business cards to die-cut stickers to booklet printing, we have what your company needs. You can start by filling out an online order form for quick and accurate printing services. If you have any questions or need help with your order, give us a call at (213) 371-9520 or send an email to [email protected].