Every business wants a unique way to promote themselves and improve their marketing efforts. But finding your own spin on a marketing venture isn’t always easy. Custom cut stickers can help by allowing you the freedom you need to experiment with shape, size, and placement. By utilizing the right design, you can use custom stickers to help increase brand awareness and business promotion. No matter what industry you’re in, custom cut stickers can help you rise above the competition. 

Unique Uses for Custom Cut Stickers

There are plenty of ways you can use stickers to help boost your business. But if you’re using custom stickers the same way as everyone else, then you aren’t really helping your company stand out. Here are five unique ways you can use custom cut stickers for your business marketing. 


When you send a package of pieces of mail to a customer, you have a lot of advertising space that’s often wasted. Custom stickers can be used as labels and decorations for your shipments to help spread the word about your business. A piece of mail passes through dozens of hands and is seen by more eyes. If you have a unique custom sticker on your package, you’re showing off your business to all those people. Custom stickers also make the receiving process extra special for your customer, helping to build loyalty and passion for your company.

Business Cards

Having a business card is crucial to any industry. Handing out a business card is as essential as giving a handshake. If you don’t have a business card, you’re not likely to be taken seriously or be remembered after a meeting or event. While a normal business card is often good enough, custom stickers can be even better.

When someone goes to a convention, conference, or other large event, they’ll likely walk away with a big stack of business cards. And if yours is just one of many, there’s less chance that a person will pick yours out. But if your business card is unique and memorable, there’s a higher chance that the person will become a client or business partner. Using custom cut stickers as your business card allows you to make a lasting impression whenever you have one out. 

Product Labeling and Store Decoration

If you have a physical storefront, stickers can be a great way to increase brand integrity and have a little fun. Custom stickers can be used to create a gallery wall of your unique art. They can also be used to label products or help customers know what other options are available when shopping. When you decorate your store or office with stickers, you show off your business’ fun and creative side. Even if you’re not in an industry that focuses on art, stickers can still help you find ways to express yourself and boost interest in your brand. 

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Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

Free Add-Ons

Everyone loves free stuff, especially if it’s something fun and useful like a sticker. Because custom cut stickers are relatively low-cost to produce, they make excellent additions to a customer’s orders. You can use custom stickers to provide incentives for additional purchases. For example, you could give away a pack of custom stickers with every order over $50. Alternatively, you could just include a free sticker with every order, no matter what the cost. While you may lose out on a few dollars per sticker given away, the added bonus can help convert a ‘maybe’ customer into a buyer.

Exclusive Promos

When something is exclusive, you can often sell it for a higher value and encourage more people to buy it. Because custom cut stickers are made to order, you can produce a limited quantity of one design and use that limit to help bolster sales. These stickers can be sold on their own or as an added bonus for any specific kind of purchase while supplies last. Having a unique sticker is great, but having one that’s a limited edition is often better. Many customers will be interested in the opportunity, and you can use the artwork to help boost marketing for the promotion.

Tips for Getting Quality Custom Cut Stickers

Knowing how to use your custom stickers only works if you have high-quality stickers to begin with. An improperly formatted file can often lead to misprints that delay production and waste valuable resources. To help your business get the best stickers possible, be sure to check the following settings on your file before you hit send. 

Color Spectrum

Most image editing software will default the color spectrum to RGB. This is because that’s how computer screens filter and display colors. But physical printers use the CMYK color spectrum instead. If you don’t swap to CMYK before you send in your file, your stickers could come out dull and discolored.


The dots per inch (DPI) determines how many pixels should be displayed in every inch. Most computer screens can show a high-resolution photo at 75 DPI. But if you tried to print it, the resulting image would be blurry and out of focus. Your DPI should be set to a minimum of 300 to ensure a crisp and clear print.

Bleed Area for Custom Cut Stickers

During the cutting process, it’s common for there to be a little bit of shifting. If your sticker design runs to the edge of the image, you could lose important design elements. To avoid this, always include a ¼” bleed area around your work to help ensure your sticker is full and complete.

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