Due to industry-wide supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, Guru Printers may experience production delays. Please add 1-2 days to your selected turnaround times. We thank you for your patience and understanding.  In observance of Independence Day, Guru Printers will close at 12:00 PM on Friday 07/01/2022 and will be closed on Monday 07/04/2022. Please note, additional days would need to be added to your estimated production turnaround. 

At this time, Guru Printers does not accept walk in consultations. Order pickup is available at our Arts District location only.

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Color Copies to Promote Your Business

Make a fantastic lasting impression with attractive color copies and let Guru Printers help you. Both first impressions and repeat impressions are important in business. Don’t let a chance to make excellent lasting impressions pass you by. Color copies can put your best food forward. Guru Printers aims to make you look great while providing […]

Copyright laws and making copies for a business

When running a business it is important to keep everything you do during your day-to-day activities within all business legal guidelines. There are fine lines when it comes to making copies for your personal use and your business’s. Some issues with making copies may include violating copyright laws. According to the Copyright Law, infringement occurs […]

Using Postcards for Printing

Businesses are able to use postcards to promote a variety of different aspects of their business, including sales, promotions and specials. But how many businesses are using postcards as a method of recruiting? Not many. That is why it is important to not overlook the power of a postcard when searching for potential employees, sales […]

Elements of poster design

Elements of poster design Poster printing is a marketing tool used by businesses and organizations to capture a moving audience’s attention. In a short period of time, a poster can tell a story, relay a message and encourage your audience to make a purchase. In order to do all of this in such a short […]

Design eye catching promotional stickers

Promotional stickers are a great way to get word out about your business, an upcoming event, sale or featured products. Fun promotion stickers are exciting and serve to attract attention. Informative promotion stickers serve to educate consumers about your business or product. Sticker printing can be used to develop promotional messages that can be adhered […]

Postcard printing: Still an economical choice for direct mail campaigns

Postcard printing is a very economical way to promote your business and expand your company’s marketing net. When used as part of a direct mailing campaign, postcards encourage and motivate customers to come to your store, make a purchase online or give you a call for more information. Design different postcards for multiple target audiences, […]

Elements of a good booklet and catalog design

Booklets and catalogs are a great way to encourage customers to purchase products and services from your company. The main purpose of booklets and catalogs is to remind customers about your business and showcase all of your products and services in a single, condensed version of your store. Create a catalog your customers will keep […]

Grab Everyone’s Attention by Using Color Copies

Grab everyone’s attention by using color copies.  For decades, the concept of color has been changing how we see the world and conduct business. Look what it did for television viewing since it was introduced in the 1950s. Now think of this: If color could change the way we watch television, think about how it […]

What makes a great photo for large photographic printing

Photographs are an important tool when it comes to network marketing. They can be used to show a product or enhance a message being sent in various promotional materials. Many companies take advantage of large photographic printing services to enlarge their company’s message and/or decorate a business or office space. Different types of large photographic […]

Green Water in Downtown Los Angeles for St. Patrick’s Day

The water is still running green in Downtown Los Angeles in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  There were many events in and around Pershing Square Park for the annual festivities.

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