Moving Billboards
Cars have been used for advertising ever since cars starting roaming the streets of American towns and cities. Thousands of companies and corporates have used their company cars or even the cars of private citizens, who are of course paid, to advertise their companies, their products or even events. This method of advertising is particularly successful as the cars are used for everyday purposes and thus travel the cities allowing for thousands of other drivers and pedestrians to see the moving billboard. The techniques for getting these messages and adverts on to cars though is difficult and time consuming and then even more laborious to have the messages removed. Until now, that is. Magnets have emerged as the new application for car adverts and messages and they have a number of benefits over the previously used laminate applications.
Custom car magnets are quick and easy to apply, needing no expert or time consuming application and can just as easily be removed at the end of the campaign or during times when the messages don’t need to be displayed. Custom car magnets can also be reused for repetitive seasonal or event campaign as opposed to laminate decals which have to be discarded once removed from the car.
Custom car magnets are just as customizable as laminate decals and there are thousands of print shops across the country which offer this service. Custom car magnets can be manufactured in a variety of shapes that complement your brand image or message required. They can also be made in a variety of sizes up to about 36 x 20 inches meaning that they can easily be seen from across the street. Reputable print stores will stock magnet print backings that are fade resistant once printed on meaning your message can be out the year for up to about 18 months. This is more than enough time for even the longest advertising campaign.
Marketing and advertising departments in any business or corporate will of course want unlimited customization possibilities, and again a reputable print store offering custom car magnets will be able to do this. These stores will have designers and graphic artists that will work closely with the business or corporate client and be able to put together designs for printing that creatively and clearly communicate the necessary advertising message and complements the brand or business image accurately. Once you have your new set of magnets printed and provided to you, it is simply a case of attaching them to the car. The beauty of custom magnets is that you can then readjust their positions an infinite number of times to ensure you are getting maximum exposure.
The days of laminate decal print jobs for your business or corporate car are over. There is no need for complicated application or car specific shapes and sizes. With custom car magnets the design and printing is just as with any other advertising material and then anybody can apply the magnet to the car. If you are coming up for a new campaign that will involve moving billboards, then the simplicity of custom car magnets should be your first choice for on-car advertising