Using booklets and brochures as advertising is a great way of tempting both old and new customers to view and buy your products or services. There are many applications for booklets from adding them as a free gift, to showcasing your new products in the form of a brochure or catalog. It is a tried and tested marketing and advertising tool that is still applicable in today’s digitally focused era, where the tangible look and feel of a booklet and brochure is still an incentive to get people interested.
Booklets are a great free gift to give away with purchases or to include as part of conference or seminar goody bags. A cover page with your company logo, a product or service description or image means you are continually reminding a potential customer of who you are and what you offer as they make use of a very useful notebook during a conference or even retained for daily use. A booklet with blank or lined pages is always useful and if durable and high-quality, is likely to be retained for future use.
Brochures are an excellent way of showing off new products or collections. Used frequently in the fashion and jewellery industries, new lines of seasonal clothing or jewellery can be shown off in the form of a brochure. The brochures can then be sent to potential customers or given away free with purchases or passed on to foot traffic that enters the store. If you have photos of new products and lines, then your local print store will be able to design and print a great brochure that will give your products a cost-effective and fantastic platform for being shown off.
Catalogs are also important booklet forms for listing and describing your product line. Whether you are in the furniture, electronics or almost any other industry, a catalog provides a comprehensive list of all your products with relevant descriptions and images. A catalog handed out by sales staff makes the sales process more efficient and the potential customer is left with an idea as to every option open to them.
Booklets, brochures and catalogs have been an advertising and marketing mainstay for decades and most good print stores will offer this form of booklet printing. Good stores will offer a variety of choices in page size with excellent stores offering custom size paper. You will also want quality paper and depending on the function of the booklet will want choices in paper type to either enhance image presentation or to make for easier reading of text. Glossy or matte paper should be standard choices you have. The store should also have staff that are experts in image and text layout and design particularly if you will be carrying out booklet printing.
Potential customers still want hard copy, tangible advertising and marketing material to keep as reference. Booklets, brochures and catalogs, if done well, will tempt a higher number of customers than other techniques such as disposable flyers or glancing print advertising. If you haven’t yet, consider brochures and booklets for your next advertising campaign.