Publishing books is no longer the sole domain of professional authors and photographers. With enhancements in the cost and technology of printing, the printing of books can now be achieved by anybody who has aspirations to put together a book of any sort. Many good printing stores now have the capacity to print books of any form at very cost effective prices and in small or large volumes.
Many people have a story to tell of one form or another. Some people want to tell a story in words, as a combination of words and art or photos or simply as a series of photos. Although putting a book together requires effort and creativity, the last step in publishing your book is now a very simple exercise. Those print stores that initially specialised in photo printing and then expanded to office services such as copying and marketing material printing are now able to print books. Printing technology has meant that printers are now smaller, more efficient and can print almost anything. This has meant that those mall or street based stores can now print books, meaning that aspiring book writers no longer have to deal with the publishers and printing presses to get a high quality look and feel book published.
If you feel you have a story to tell then, now is the time to begin the creative process. Once you have your book written, and want to try selling the book or simply have a few copies given to friends and family, then go down to your local print shop that offers book printing and discuss the options open to you. They will advise you on page sizes, font sizes, front and back cover options and will then provide draft examples of what your final book will look like. If your story involves text and images or images only, then you will spend time with design and layout experts that now commonly work in printing stores. Between you and the experts, you will decide on the positioning and layout of text and images to best ensure flow and readability for your story. Photo only books will be laid out so that the image colors and context flow in a way that a story can be told without words.
The design, layout and then printing of your book will take as long as you need it to be. Regular meetings with the design and print experts will ensure that your book is printed much more quickly. Whether the process is quick or takes slightly longer than anticipated, it will always be significantly shorter than having to deal with publishers and print press owners. Ultimately, you will have a book in final printed form much sooner than using other avenues, which you can then begin selling or simply handing out to those you think will be interested in your book.
Book printing is now available to everyone. Everyone has a story to tell and if you feel that your story can take on book form, then maybe it is time to investigate your local print stores book printing services.