In the last couple of years printing has literally taken on a new dimension. Printing in two dimensions on a paper or other flat bases is now old news as 3D printing has rapidly become available to the masses as it has expanded out of R&D labs. 3D printing is very much a reality now and available to everyone. You may of course wonder how 3D printing is applicable to the everyday person or even to businesses, but a few hints and some creative thinking will quickly lead to many ideas. #
3D printing has rolled out to the point where you can go down to your local print store and order a 3D print of a design of yours or even purchase a 3D printer at your local electronics store. For the most of us though, 3D printing is not yet at the point where designing your 3D structure and clicking print is technically easy, so it is strongly recommended that you use the expertise and printing capabilities of your local print store to first explore the opportunities and advantages of 3D printing.
Many printing service providers in larger cities, including Los Angeles, have invested in 3D printers and offer these services to local businesses and the public. Uses of 3D printing are vast and varied. They are applicable in the hobby industry whether you are designing toys, jewellery or home decorations. In these case take a drawing and dimensions to your print store where they will help you get your design coded into a program that is then recognized by the 3D printer and the printer is then instructed to print layer after layer of your design resulting in your drawing emerging in 3D.
3D printing is widely applicable in businesses where product are designed and manufactured. Many companies would have spent time and money using molds and small scale assembly machinery to manufacture prototype products. 3D printing can replace these machines and equipment lines resulting in quicker and cost effective prototype manufacturing. Even small scale runs of fully developed products can be manufactured using a 3D printer that literally sits on the desk of one of your engineers desks.
The materials that can be used in 3D printers is ever expanding. Any plastic, certain metals and even nylon can be used as the base material for the 3D structure meaning almost any product with almost any function can be printed. Colors are no issue as most 3D printers can add a range of colors to the final structure.
As discussed 3D printing is happening now and it doesn’t take much thought to come up with ideas for printing. No matter where you are in the country, 3D printing is available and simple internet searches, such as 3D printing Los Angeles, will reveal 3D printers in your area. Now is the time to explore the next level in printing. Search for 3D printing Los Angeles or any other city, and then head to your local store and start experimenting with printing of what could be the world’s next great product.