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Tips for Creating Personalized Stickers for Business

There are plenty of different ways you can improve your marketing efforts and help boost sales. Personalized stickers for business are one of the most popular options that many companies are utilizing. You can either create custom stickers to help promote your business, or you can use them to grow profits. Either way, you’ll need […]

How a Die-Cut Sticker Printer Can Boost Your Business

Finding ideas to improve your business is easy, but knowing which will actually work can be more difficult. There are a variety of marketing methods and promotional materials you can use to spread the word about your company, just as there are many ways to increase sales and profit. While not every method will work […]

How Same-Day Sticker Printing Can Help Your Business

There are many ways to help improve your business, either by boosting sales or increasing your promotional reach. With same-day sticker printing, you can achieve both. Stickers are a great way to add merchandise to your storefronts or help you market your company. And with same-day printing and quick delivery, you can get them in […]

Why Die-Cut Stickers Are So Popular

Stickers have always been popular, but die-cut stickers have continued to rise in popularity over the years. And their popularity could benefit your company. By taking advantage of the demand for die-cut stickers, your business could thrive by using them for extra sales and promotions. With the right strategy and sticker printing company, you can […]

How Custom Stickers Can Improve Business

When looking for ways to improve your business, you may not immediately think of stickers as a viable option. However, custom stickers for business can be incredibly powerful when used properly. Most people love stickers, and they’ll happily place a well-designed sticker on their laptops, notebooks, bags, or other items they carry around with them. […]

What to Do with Custom-Cut Stickers

Stickers can be a great way to boost your business or add some personal flair to your next creative project. With custom-cut stickers being easier than ever to order, you can decorate, increase sales, or even help yourself stay organized. By creating your own stickers that don’t adhere to the regular sticker cuts, any project […]

How to Design Custom-Cut Stickers

Stickers have long been a popular printing product choice for many. Businesses use stickers to help boost their sales. Brands use stickers to increase their marketing efforts. And crafters use stickers to help their creative ideas bloom. No matter why you need them, custom-cut stickers are the perfect way to help your ventures improve. But […]

Guru Printers Custom Stickers – Different Sizes For Different Uses. 

Custom stickers are essential marketing materials for most businesses.  Versatile and cost-effective, stickers are great for branded packaging, promotional giveaways, as well as being retail items all on their own. Guru Printers offers sticker printing in various formats, like die-cut stickers, standard rectangle stickers and roll labels.  Here is a list of our most popular stickers sizes […]

Designing Stickers That Stick To A Message

Sticker Printing to Get Your Message Across! Given our era of high-tech gadgets and distractions it’s easy to see why the attention span of the average person is very short and limited.  Knowing this it is smart to design your order of stickers or labels by keeping the message short and eye-catchingly to the point. […]

How Same-Day Sticker Printing Works

Stickers are a great way to help boost your business or personal brand. They can be used to distribute your logo in a fun and unique way. You can display your art and sell them at conventions and events. Custom stickers can even be used to decorate school or work projects. No matter what you […]

Guru Printer’s Roll Label Materials

Roll Label Materials At Guru Printers we offer a wide variety of sticker and label printing.  For our more discerning customers who want a touch of elegance and sophistication we offer roll label materials that have unique textures and finishes for that undeniable look.  Roll Labels are very versatile and  can be used in a variety […]

How To Use Stickers & Roll Labels

Stickers and Roll Labels can be essential marketing materials that can help elevate your business through brand visibility.  At Guru Printers we’ve provided a guide for how Stickers and Roll Labels can highlight the products you are showcasing all while raising brand awareness.    Stickers and Branding When it comes to stickers the equation is quite simple: A great logo […]

Benefits of Personalized Stickers For Your Business

Personalized stickers are an effective and affordable way to enhance your brand identity, visibility, and recognition. Stickers boost your marketing campaigns and give your products a more streamlined, attractive, and refreshed look, building brand awareness at meetups, events, tradeshows, etc. Guru Printers offers state-of-the-art stickers in various shapes, sizes, and finishes made of premium-quality, durable, […]

How to Choose a Stickers Printing Company

Sticker printing is one of the best ways to promote your business, improve brand recognition, and achieve cost-effectiveness. More and more companies in Los Angeles consider sticker printing techniques to ensure their products appear stylish, luxurious, and attractive. Designing customized stickers is a popular method to promote your brand, products, or services. Personalized stickers enable […]

Should You Print Stickers on Demand for Your Next Event?

Stickers are a hot commodity at any conference, convention, or other events. People may easily pass by business cards or flyers, but they’ll take bookmarks, stickers, and postcards without question. Stickers can be a great item to give away to get your logo or art out in the world. They also sell well and can […]

Same Day Sticker Printing Tips

As your go to glossy sticker printing company, Guru Printers makes same day sticker printing company easy for those customers who need their job rushed. For out clients who are in a hurry we’ve provided a thorough list of tips to ensure your stickers make an impression. We want to make certain that your ordered […]

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