Catalog printing is a powerful marketing tool that organizes your product or service information in one place. The primary goal of catalogs is to categorize your product information and influence buyers’ decisions in your favor.

It offers complete details of your product line by focusing on photos, short descriptions, features, dimensions, certifications, customer reviews, prices, discounts, etc. Today’s article will discuss the benefits of catalog printing and tips for designing and printing perfect catalogs. Read on!

Increases Sales

Product catalogs have a more convincing influence on customers’ purchasing decisions than digital marketing strategies and other forms of advertising. Research shows that 75% of people in the United States take more interest in a company’s products after reading the information in the catalogs.

In addition, 80% of people purchase a product after seeing a catalog. Bear in mind that catalog printing is an active form of marketing because they are more tangible than looking at a laptop screen. So, this requires the recipient or customer to act and buy your products. As a result, you have increased sales and boosted ROIs.

Today, people have a wide range of shopping platforms, including websites, social media, and brick-and-mortar stores. However, studies highlight that catalog inspires people to purchase through brick-and-mortar stores.

The reason is that printed catalogs create awareness and improve brand reputation and engagement. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for driving more customers to your store/company and increasing sales.

Streamlines Marketing

Catalogs are an excellent marketing tool, showcasing your company, product, or service content through powerful and visually appealing graphics. It allows you to tell your brand story effectively and streamline your content marketing to attract and retain customers.

Not only do printed catalogs educate consumers about your products and services, but they also allow you to use graphics, stories, and images to take recipients on a journey. When you present your products via catalogs, you create a powerful impact on consumers, connecting them to your brand emotionally.

Boosts Engagement

The young generation, including millennials and Generation Z, focus more on digital platforms and channels. However, studies show that these generations take a keen interest in catalogs to know more about a company’s product or service.

Although most people think digital media has faded the printed catalogs, they stand out in today’s high-tech world. Millennials and gen-Zers prefer visually appealing catalogs.

A growing body of research evidence shows that catalogs stimulate young people’s senses. According to the United States Postal Service, consumers spend more time sorting direct mail and appear more engaged with catalogs.

Creates Positive Emotions

Printed catalogs produce an emotional response. Although people rely heavily on sight, feeling and touching are important human senses. In that case, printing catalogs for your products or services are a reliable way to stimulate multiple senses and create a positive and lasting impression on your target audience.

In addition, printed catalogs give people an opportunity to slow down and read the entire material. The beautifully designed catalogs with engaging stories and graphics allow consumers to emotionally engage with your brand and connect with your products.

Drives Action

The ultimate objective of a printed catalog is to convince the recipient to take action, such as purchasing your product or service. Unlike other marketing techniques, catalogs can help you achieve the desired results because they produce better recalls for customers over longer periods.

Catalog Design Tips

Although catalogs offer many advantages for businesses, designing and printing them is daunting and time-consuming. According to Guru Printers, a reputable company in Los Angeles, design is the most critical aspect. Guru Printers’ experts advise companies to consider the following elements when creating a design for their product catalog.

Consider Your Target Audience

Define your target audience before designing a catalog for your product. Tailor the design to appeal to your target audience. The purpose is to engage recipients and encourage them to take action and buy your products or services.

If you have multiple target audiences, consider different designs to match their needs, wants, styles, and desires. Guru Printers offers hundreds of catalog templates, but our graphic designers can also design from scratch.

Focus on the Size and Format

Size and format are critical factors to consider when designing your catalog. According to Guru Printers’ expert graphics designers, a large-size catalog showcases all your products and draws attention to the most important ones.

In addition, we can give you advice on page count, format, and size based on your needs. The purpose is to make your customers feel special and convince them to read the marketing material.

Use Graphics and Images

Catalogs that contain images, graphics, and visual elements are more appealing than text-based marketing materials. So, consider premium-quality photos of your products or services and use graphical elements to create a visual appeal.

In addition, use large-sized images of your bestselling products to grab the attention of your target audience. As a result, your customers will be more likely to know more about those products and purchase them.

High-quality images will make your products/services more appealing, leading to increased engagement and sales. Guru Printers recommend 300di or above for all images in the catalog design.

Hire a Professional Printing Service

In addition to high-graphics designs, hiring a professional printing service like Guru Printers is crucial to achieving a perfect final product. In addition to a variety of paper stock, Guru Printers allows you to set size, quantity, material, turnaround time, and other parameters to achieve greater customization.

You can discuss your design and printing requirements with our professional team. Once we have got all the information, we will print premium-quality catalogs at the most affordable prices. We have cutting-edge printing machines with advanced features that print efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

Final Words From Guru Printers

A catalog printing is a complex process requiring time, patience, commitment, and testing. Although the process seems daunting, when you hire Guru Printers, you will have peace of knowing that professionals are handling the project. Contact us today for more information on our services.