Catalogues & Booklet  samples are the way to help boost your company’s exposure by offering consumers to experience the benefits of using your products. The main purpose of giving out samples is to give consumers a chance to try your product. Food products and cosmetics companies have been distributing samples to consumers for decades in hopes of enticing shoppers to buy new products. Here are some tips to giving out samples:

  • Schedule a sample day: Host an open house where local residents are able to come to your business and try your products themselves.
  • Rotate samples: Vary the types of samples you offer and send out between your most popular products, new products and products that are not very popular.
  • Set up VIP program: Offer to send special samples of new products to your best customers, giving them a chance to be the first to try the new arrivals.
  • Develop a target audience: Start making a list of consumers interested in trying your products and receiving free samples.
  • Send coupons with samples: Turn your samples into sales by offering coupons to consumers so they can purchase the product after sampling it.
  • Send a catalogue: Include a catalogue to showcase other products the consumer may also benefit from.

Here are some tips to giving out catalogues:

  • Hoarding: Do not be stingy with your catalogues and aim to get them in every mailbox in your area.
  • Direct mailing: Send a catalog out to every mailbox in your area.
  • Send out regularly: Plan a marketing campaign to include the distribution of your catalogues on a regularly basis.
  • Update catalogue regularly: Take time to go back through to revise and update your company’s catalogues on a regular basis.
  • Share with others: Offer local businesses packages filled with enough catalogues and samples for each of their employees.

The entire purpose of offering samples with catalogues & booklets is to get your products in the hands of consumers. Once products are tested and liked, consumers will be more likely to purchase more product from your company. If consumers do not know about your products, they will not know how they will benefit from using it.

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