There are many reasons to choose booklet printing for your business. They’re fun, easy to make, and serve a variety of purposes. The benefits are endless and the sky is the limit. If you have thought about this type of printing before, but aren’t sure it’s right for you, keep reading on for the ultimate benefits!

Booklets Are Portable

Booklets can be made into a number of different sizes, making them easily portable to hand out at meetings, events, and other places you might want to bring the information you have printed. Booklet printing is great for catalogs. Customers can take the inventory list around the store with them and make informed purchases. You can easily mail them to people’s homes. And that’s just the beginning.

Booklets Are Educational

Booklet printing allows for more information to be added than, say, a flyer or a brochure. Add some pictures, a paragraph or two of content, and boom – you’re good to go. These are great for business meetings and take-home content. You’re making information available at people’s fingertips. Because of the high-quality printing job, any pictures will do your inventory justice.

Booklet Printing Is Visually Appealing

Envision high-quality imaging, glossy pages, stylized text, and even more options for your booklet printing. Booklets are easy to customize and have room for a lot of information. You can easily add your logo, a sales flyer, and other stand-out material that will help you in your business.

Booklet Printing For Publishing

What’s the best part about booklet printing? You can actually publish your content! Whether you have an idea for an e-book that you want to write to spread your name or a story that you eventually want to sell, booklet printing is a great option to get started. Printing companies can help you print the amount you need to get them in stores if you are self-publishing. And that means all of the content is strictly yours with no input from a publisher. You still get to hold onto the reins.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work on creating the perfect booklet for your business. The staff at Guru Printers will be happy to help you get the dimensions and quality right. To talk to the staff for an order or to ask any questions, call us at one of our two locations. For downtown, call 213-612-4451. For the Arts District, call 213-935-8657.