Having the right business card is important. A business card is often the first impression of you or your company. It tells potential customers not just what you do but who you are. A poorly made business card doesn’t put out a good impression at all; it can harm your marketing goals instead of boosting them. Using the right design and printed material can help grow your company. Silk business cards for Los Angeles businesses are the clear option when promoting your company.


A business card with a silk finish radiates a sense of sophistication. It’s the ultimate finishing for professionalism and grace. When you hand someone a silk business card, you’re letting them know that you care about your presentation and about your business. People want to work with someone who is professional and who pays attention to detail. With a silk business card, you prove to potential clients and collaborators that you are that person they’re seeking. The silk finish will help your card stand out and remind them what your company can provide.


Silk business cards also have a unique feel to them. Not only does this feel amplify the sophistication of your card, but it also leaves its own lasting impression. A silk finish on a business card is smooth and fine. Not many people, if any, dislike the feel of these cards, and many actually prefer it. When someone goes to a convention or workshop, they likely end up with dozens of business cards. If yours has a silk finish, they’re more likely to recognize it and look at it again, giving you an advantage over the other cards in their stack.


Silk business cards are designed to be strong and long-lasting. Their high-quality finish means they are more resistant to bending and tearing. This makes them perfect for conventions and conferences, as they can be handled easily without much harm. The better condition a business card is in when it makes it home with a potential customer, the more likely that customer is to notice it. The durable card surface also allows you to easily write on it, so clients can make notes, or you can offer them your personal phone number for an added touch.


A silk finish helps give your business card’s design an extra “pop.” Any design can benefit from the smooth finish of silk. Designing your silk business card is important if you want to make the best first impression you possibly can. A good design incorporates your business’ current aesthetic. Colors should match the logo, and images should be related to the type of services your company provides. By keeping your silk business card congruent with your current promotional material, you maintain a sense of style for your company and make yourself noticeable across the board.

silk business cards Los Angeles
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A good silk finish can only go so far to help your business card. While it is the best finish possible for a professional look, it won’t do much to help a card that isn’t laid out properly. When someone looks at your card, they’ll notice if things are off. The silk finishing enhances a good design and layout, but it can also draw attention to a poor design or layout. Your business card shouldn’t be image-heavy unless you make or sell art, in which case it could benefit from extra images. The text needs to be large enough to read, but not so large that it stands out. Most of the front of the card’s space should be the logo, company name, and phone number. You can utilize the back of the card for extra information as needed. 

Best Uses for Silk Business Cards

Silk business cards are pretty high-end and can be used to help your company grow. Their durability and professionalism make them the perfect companions for conventions, conferences, and workshops. They’ll be able to withstand travel and being passed around without getting bent or scratched up, so they’ll be in perfect condition when you hand them out to others. They also make a great first impression, which is what these events are all about. Having silk business cards with you when you travel for business can help you promote your company in the best possible light. 

Additional Silk Touches

When you finish your business cards with silk, you can add additional touches to help bring them to the next level. Spot UV and stamped foil can be applied to give extra attention to parts of your design. Spot UV adds a sort of spotlight on an element, such as your logo or name, that reflects the light and helps it stand out. Stamped foil adds a shine and raised touch and comes in a variety of metallic colors that will complement any design and color pallet. These add-ons for silk business cards take an already professional and sleek design to an even higher level of quality. 

Silk Business Cards in Los Angeles from Guru Printers

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