Business card examples to inspire and motivate

Business Card Designs

It can be difficult to design and create a business card that can make your brand stand out among others.  At Guru Printers we make aim to make the process behind all your marketing materials easy.  Here is a list of business card examples to help inspire you in playing your cards right. 

1.Make it modern

We have a variety of templates that feature a more modern look. Gradient multicolor backgrounds offer that sleek up to date look that will give your business card a cutting-edge appearance.  If you’re going for a more contemporary and artistic vibe, then more abstract background or line might be the way to go. 

When creating a modern look and style, Guru Printers suggests you consider implementing a QR code. Putting a QR code on the back or front of your business cards helps generate more web traffic.  Insert your social media icons on your business card and really get eyes on your desired landing pages. Another option is to select a square business card with rounded corners to make your card stand out among other.  Check out our business card sizes and dimensions blog for more info on the specs. 

2. Keep it simple

Just because a design is simple does not mean it has to be boring.  A minimalist design can reflect a trustworthy brand while being aesthetically elegant. Simple fonts like Helvetica or Proxima will highlight your logo while keeping out any visually confusing clutter. 

Using a high-quality cardstock can make your simple design look even more refined. At Guru Printers we offer soft touch paper stock business cards for a more cosmopolitan feel.  You can also opt to implement premium accents on the front of your card such as embossed gloss or foil accent.

3. Be bold

Don’t hesitate to try bold and colorful designs if they are in line with your business and brand. Use fun patters, bold fonts and neon color to give your card a look as distinct as your business.

4. Go with a classic

Go with classic midcentury modern, rustic or Art Deco designs to give your card a classic yet distinct look. Using retro design elements can really set your card apart from others.

Paper choice also goes a long way to accentuate the classic feel of your card. Maybe you’ll want to use kraft business cards paper stock for your vintage design. If you prefer the rustic look, light-brown or beige recycled paper complements dark and bolder designs.

Kraft Business Cards

Natural textured paper is another good option for classic retro designs. At Guru Printers we offer natural textured business cards which can give you a classic and rustic look. This unique paper stock might also be right for you if you’re implementing geometric patters in your design.