Business cards represent your company to your target audience and customers. Every company has a short window of opportunity to encourage its target audience and improve its brand recognition, identity, and reputation.

The printing industry has adopted cutting-edge technologies to create state-of-the-art marketing materials for businesses, including premium-quality business cards. Today, 12pt cardstock business cards have dominated the market.

It is the latest, stylish, and attractive business card format. However, companies have also introduced 14pt and 16pt cardstocks. So, small-medium businesses have the opportunity to improve their marketing strategies via the new set of business card materials, including laminated silk cards. Today’s article will discuss silk laminated business cards. Read on!

What is Silk Laminated Business Cards?

Silk Laminated Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards are premium products that showcase stylishness, elegance, and sophistication. An experienced printing company applies silk lamination to both sides of the business card, making it durable, sturdy, and resistant to damage.

A silk laminated card prevents chipping, cracking, and tears along the edges. In addition, it is smooth and soft to touch and resistant to water, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions.

Some companies add stamp foil or spot UV to the silk laminated business cards to make them stand out and encourage customers to take action. Research shows that silk paper has a softer feel than traditional paper because it is made of binding silk fibers, creating a luxurious and elegant appearance.

So this makes a silk laminated business card an ideal choice for companies, including small-medium enterprises and giant corporations, to showcase their business information and promote their brands.

Silk paper produces a coating between a glossy and matte finish. The colors used are vibrant enough to highlight the smallest details. At the same time, companies prefer these business cards to reduce shininess.

Manufacturing companies usually combine silk fibers with cotton, producing paper with a crisper finish. Silk paper is available in natural tones or dyed in various colors, allowing businesses to make an informed choice and choose a color that aligns with the brand.

Why Print Silk Laminated Business Cards?

Silk laminate is a premium-quality printing technique that ensures smoothness and protection of the paper. When applied to the business card, it provides a stylish look and elegant feel. So, this unique lamination protects the business card from stains, smudges, rips, creases, chipping, and scratches.

Similarly, silk lamination to the business card ensures durability and water and tear resistance. Silk lamination is perfect if you want a durable, stylish, and smooth-to-the-touch business card that makes your brand stand out.

Silk Lamination is Perfect for Business Cards

Silk is one of the most popular choices for business cards because they are stylish and stand out in a stack of printed materials. The best thing about these business cards is that they hold up well in the wallet.

In addition to business cards, silk lamination is ideal for invitation products, presentation folders, hang tags, and rack cards. Investing in silk laminated business card printing is worth it if you want to save money and time.

Thanks to its elegance, smoothness, and durability, your customers will hold on to these cards for a prolonged period. Moreover, you can’t write on a UV-coated business card, but this is not the case with silk lamination, meaning you can write on these business cards.

Highly Durable Cards

Durability is one of the most significant factors when printing business cards. Business cards with silk lamination are excellent for companies to promote their brands because they are more durable and resistant to damage than matte cards.

Therefore, the attractiveness and durability of these business cards create a strong first impression on your target audience. As a result, you drive more customers toward your business and improve your company’s overall bottom line.

Silky Smooth Finish

The smooth matte look is a luxurious and stylish choice for business cards. However, nothing matches the silky-smooth finish provided by silk lamination. These cards have a lavish look and smooth finish, making your business card feel elegant in a customer’s hand.

Therefore, we recommend using silk laminated business card printing to give your brand a high-end feel. The unique characteristic of silk lamination is that it follows the traditional lamination with a layer of plastic to make the final product more desirable, resilient, and stronger.

However, the primary factor differentiating the traditional lamination and silk lamination is the softer exterior and strength created between the paper and plastic/lamination.

Besides, silk laminated business cards are neither shiny nor matte. However, it reflects in specific lights, making the final product attractive, smooth, and natural-looking. So, these business cards are worth your investment. Remember, you must hire a professional printing service with extensive knowledge of silk lamination to achieve your goals.

Premium-Quality Business Cards at Guru Printers

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