Use the Personal Touch to Win Customers, Providers to Your Business

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A Printed Business Cards Is The Key!

There is no doubt that we live in a digital age. More people are turning away from sending letters and cards and are using email as their primary means to communicate with others. It has gotten so bad that a lot of business transactions are now conducted via text messages. It truly is remarkable.

Set Yourself Apart With Business Cards

This has become the norm. It has also become a standard that has led many to ignore notes of appreciation or things when they receive them.

You want to thank the customer for making a large purchase or another business for getting involved with your organization, so you send them an email or a text message to thank them for their commitment to your business. Studies have found that better than 81% of recipients of these emails and texts will ignore them outright. At best, they will spend less than two seconds reading it. Your attempt to show your appreciation will have gone virtually ignored.

That may seem rude, but most get so many emails and texts each day that they find very little value in reading them. To them, they view many of these as nothing more than spam, but there is a way that you can separate yourself to make your organization stand out.

A Printed Card Is a Key

One of the best ways that you can really show a customer or business that they matter to you is by sending personalized cards to them. You could have the cards printed up at a print shop and have them customized to include information about your business, such as contact information, logo, even sales or product information. This enables you to turn this card into a sales tool at the same time.

However, what makes it stand out is that you write a little personal note thanking the individual or business for getting involved in your organization. This has become such a rarity in the business world that many find it an extra touch that dramatically impacts their perception of that business. They are impressed by a sales rep, manager, or employee who will go the extra mile in sending such a card.

Having your own personalized thank you or appreciation cards is an incredibly smart idea. It will help set your business apart from others and let the customer know that they truly matter to you. Check out our printing blog for more information.