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What Can Photo Printing Mean?

At Guru Printers we pride ourselves in using photos in interesting ways.  Anyone who does photo printing can print snapshots for you to pass around and look at.  But what about more interesting uses for photos? Business Cards Business cards with your photo on them can really remind someone of exactly who they met.  Guru […]

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July! Guru Printers Team Printing Near You. Business Card Printing for Las Vegas!

The Art of the Website

There are a number of facets to a successful website and in the digital era. It is an absolute must that all these facets are executed in order to ensure an effective website. Unless designing websites is your core business, you will not have the skills nor capacity in-house to design and publish your own […]

Printing Guru Printers

Banner Printing Business Cards Decals Los Angeles Signs Los Angeles Printing Places to Print Services / Printing Print Shop

Brochure and Flyer Printing

Getting advertising into the hands of consumers It is an important supplement to get your marketing and advertising into the hands of consumers. Banners, posters and billboards are excellent because they create brand or product awareness. However, they don’t allow for the necessary detail that material that brochures and flyers provide. Brochures and flyers are one […]

Printing Services Are Still a Necessity

Computers evolved and became ubiquitous in homes and offices across the country. We were promised that printing and paper would quickly become redundant and as the internet and email was accessed by millions of people every day, meaning the end of printing. Well, that hasn’t happened and is unlikely to happen. Despite the digital world we […]

Targeted Marketing

Brochures and Flyers Advertising and marketing takes on a number of forms. It can be anywhere from large billboard displays to flyers and brochures handed directly to customers. Depending on your industry and the volume of customers you have, some of these forms will be more appropriate. Larger businesses and corporates have a mix of […]

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Guru Printers!  

You Still Have To Print

Even in the modern age as the population is turning toward a paperless environment, you still have to print. Print Versus Paperless As the computer and then the cell phone and now tablets became part of everyday life, we were promised that the world would go paperless as digital technologies made paper obsolete. Thankfully there […]

Los Angeles Printing Company

Los Angeles Printing Company  Sign Printing Los Angeles

Welcome Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

Welcome http://hauserwirthschimmel.com/ to the neighborhood. We recently printed some photos for the inaugural show. The Exhibition is a must see!

Booth Design for Tarte Cosmetics

Booth Design for Tarte Cosmetics Booth Design. Trade Show. Booth Setup. www.GuruPrinters.com

Printing Los Angeles

Printing is still very much a part of everyday life despite all the promises that we will have no need for printing as we entered the digital and online world where everything would be virtual and digital, even our abilities to sign and verify documents. The human need to hold something in their hands and […]

Printing Services

Printing services are still very much a part of business operations. It can be from printing documents for the office or to be sent out as advertising material. In-house on printers and photocopiers that you own or are leasing do some of this printing. However, your local printing partners do a lot of the printing. […]

Printing is Timeless

Printing is timeless, despite the world’s rapid movement into digital technologies. There’s still life in printing hardcopies of documents. In fact, it’s unlikely that the world will ever become fully digital. We cannot eliminate printing in all its formats as the human mind requires the reading of words and images printed. As humans, we still […]

Temporary Window Advertising

There are always times when a retail business requires store-specific advertising to mark a particular event or period. This advertising and marketing needs to be temporary and easily implemented, then removed. There are a number of options for temporary marketing and advertising. Some of which include banners and flyers, however, there is another option. One […]

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