At Guru Printers we pride ourselves in using photos in interesting ways.  Anyone who does photo printing can print snapshots for you to pass around and look at.  But what about more interesting uses for photos?

Business Cards

Business cards with your photo on them can really remind someone of exactly who they met.  Guru Printers offers a full line of business card styles and papers.  Linen or pearl paper business cards show a special elegance.  Pair one of those papers with a sophisticated photo of yourself and you create an unforgettable card that will keep reminding the recipient of you in the best way possible.

Photo Printing is Customizable

Custom tote bags have many diverse uses.  They can be used to advertise your business or made to give as gifts to family members.  Using a photo of your business creates an unforgettable take away for customers.  Whether you use a photo of the front of your business or a photo of the products you produce, it gives your customers a tangible print to remind them of exactly who you are or what you make.  When making custom tote bags to use as gifts pick your favorite photo to print on the bag–a photo of grandma on a tote bag for every grandchild is a great Christmas gift.

Photo Printing for Special Occasions

If you have an extra special event coming up you may want to print a photo depicting the people or place involved along with the date on a magnet.  Save the date magnets can be a great way for the recipient to keep the information front and center so they can’t forget.  The magnets can also become an original keepsake for the event.

Gift-Giving & Business Purposes

Printing a favorite, prized photo on a mug is a great gift that can become a wonderful keepsake.   Make a set of mugs for Grandmother with pictures of each grandchild for a birthday or Christmas gift.  Mugs can also be used for business purposes.  Print a quality photo of your business, or yourself, on mugs to give away to perspective customers.  Every time they drink from the mug they will be reminded of you or your business.

Old photos printed onto banners can be part of a business display that will attract customers to your booth.  Guru Printers can help you print the best show booth banners incorporating both information and photos of your products or business.  Good photos of business personnel with an explanation of their part in your business can be a great way to showcase your staff.  Banners can be used for fun events too.  A picture of the esteemed guest on a banner lets everyone know who is being honored.

Printing a spectacular scenic photo on canvas creates a piece of art like no other.  Putting a photo taken while on vacation onto canvas and hanging it in your home will help to remind you of all the good times you had.

Get creative with photo printing.  Come to Guru Printers where we will print what you imagine.