In the world of business, having things in hand, like business cards and paper documents is still important. Further, many businesses require custom printed items many times throughout their work year. If you’ve ever ordered from a printing company, you’ve seen that the more you order, the cheaper it is. But what if you are a small business and you simply don’t require thousands of copies of your document? What if your startup is new and you need a small batch custom printing run when things are in flux. How can you avoid the high costs of low quantity printing?

Saving Money

Small batch custom printing gives small businesses the option to use professional printing services, at good prices, without committing to the high quantities. It can be frustrating to realize that for a little more money, you can quadruple your quantity. What if you simply don’t need that many? Small batch custom print jobs are typically done on equipment geared specifically for producing lower quantities. This means, that when you call to get an estimate, they are not pricing it with all extras that large quantity printing requires (plates, bleeds, etc). The digital machines typically used for smaller quantities print an amazing looking product while driving the savings down for the business.

Working with Experts

Some companies are tempted to simply buy or rent their own equipment to save money. While the money savings is debatable, depending on the printing needs, you must consider all the other resources doing your own printing will tie up. Printers spend extra time making sure the colors are perfect, the bleed is right and consulting with you for the highest quality work. Don’t sacrifice having an expert’s eye for printing in house, especially when small batch custom printing is an option. You still need a staff point person to be in charge and you will spend time tracking and stocking all the right paper for each individual project.

Extras to Consider

There are additional services that printing requires. For example, your job may require a special cut, fold, hole punch or even lamination. Handling this on your own takes time and money. Additionally, your number of items could be compromised. For instance, you could accidentally start punching holes in the wrong side of the paper or end up with a fold that is uneven. Professional printers have special equipment that can easily handle the extra steps involved in printing your job. Nothing feels better than knowing that a major part of your image and branding is being handled by an expert. You can submit your vision and receive a completed product completely ready, out-of-the-box. 

If you own a small business, small batch custom printing is essential for printing needs from business cards to folders to marketing materials. It gives you the quality of a higher batch custom job but without the commitment of paying for extra quantities. Additionally, you are freeing yourself up to focus on the aspect of building your business. This directly impacts your bottom line. There is absolutely no need to try to become a mini expert in everything or earn your true jack-of-all-trade title. With a printer that delivers high-quality small batch customer printing orders, your printing needs can be stress-free.