Stickers have always been popular, but die-cut stickers have continued to rise in popularity over the years. And their popularity could benefit your company. By taking advantage of the demand for die-cut stickers, your business could thrive by using them for extra sales and promotions. With the right strategy and sticker printing company, you can help your business grow. All it takes to succeed with die-cut stickers is to understand their popularity and how you can capitalize on it.

What are Die-Cut Stickers?

When you go to print most stickers, you’re bound by certain restrictions governing size and shape. Many stickers are either a square or a circle and have to fit within certain diameters or areas. While this can be the perfect solution for simple designs, it does limit creativity. Die-cut stickers, however, are not restricted to a specific shape or size. With a die-cut design, you can create a sticker that follows the shape of your image, making unique stickers that stand out and look great. With these designs, you don’t have to worry about filling in a background or being left with white space. Instead, you can make stickers that are exactly the size and shape you want them to be.

Because of their shapes and designs, each die-cut sticker is unique, which automatically drives up their value. More than that, die-cut stickers fit together in more ways. If someone is decorating a laptop case, notebook cover, or other areas, they’ll want to make sure that they can fit everything they want to without trouble. Using regular stickers forces them to try and lay things out in a grid-like pattern so they aren’t covering up the designs of their stickers. But with die-cut stickers, people can mix and match more easily, allowing them to create their own designs using your designs.

die-cut stickers

Photo by Paulo Mergulhão on Unsplash

How to Use Die-Cut Stickers

With die-cut stickers being so popular, it’s easy to utilize them to benefit your business.

Selling Die-Cut Stickers

Stickers can be a great way to improve your bottom line and make more of a profit. By ordering die-cut stickers in bulk, you can get each unit printed at a lower cost. Then you can turn around and sell them for a higher price, earning a tidy profit. Because die-cut stickers are so popular, you’re more likely to sell them successfully in your storefront or online than you would with regular-cut stickers.

Using Die-Cut Stickers for Promotion

You don’t have to sell a sticker to make it work for you. Because people often put stickers somewhere others can see, they make valuable marketing tools. By giving stickers away at conventions or adding some to any orders made, you can help spread the word about your business. In order for this to succeed, however, it’s important that you make sure you include your company’s name, logo, or website somewhere in the design so viewers can easily find you.

How to Get Die-Cut Stickers Printed

If you want to use stickers to help support your company, you need to know how to get them printed. Most sticker printing companies will offer a die-cut sticker option, but it’s still up to you to make sure that your design is print ready before sending it off.

Bleed and Margin

Having a bleed area on any physically printed design is important. But with die-cut stickers, it’s crucial. The bleed area accommodates any slight margin of error that can occur during the printing and cutting process. And because a die-cut sticker’s outline is part of the design, you need a bleed area to prevent losing any important design elements. By including a small border of whitespace or a simple color, you can avoid cutting off part of your design.

Color Spectrum

Stickers are popular because they allow people to decorate mundane objects with unique designs and colors. But if your stickers aren’t colored properly, then no one will want to put them anywhere. Colors always print out differently than they look on a computer screen because computers utilize the RGB color spectrum. But physical printers use the CMYK spectrum. When designing your sticker for print, make sure you format the file to the CMYK spectrum and double-check that the colors are still the right shades/vibrancies. Failure to do so will result in a discolored print that makes your stickers less likely to succeed.

Image Size

Although stickers tend to be smaller than other printed materials, it’s still necessary to ensure that the size of the file is big enough. By setting the DPI (dots per inch) to at least 300, you ensure that your images print clear and crisp. If you leave the DPI at a lower setting, such as the default of 75 for computer screens), your stickers could come out blurry.

Die-Cut Stickers at Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to helping you get the highest-quality print of whatever material you need. Our die-cut sticker printing services can deliver quick, accurate prints of any sticker design you may have. And if you don’t have a sticker design, you can work with our in-house designers to create one. We do our best to ensure every print is perfect the first time around, and we deliver quickly without sacrificing the safety of your printed goods. To get die-cut stickers or any other printing service you may need, you can start placing an order online. Give us a call at (213) 513-6533 for help with your order.