Photo by BiljaST on PixabayLong gone are the days when snail mail was the only way to deliver a message. Thanks to modern conveniences like smartphones and the internet, you can get in touch with just about anyone instantly. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some nostalgia about using the old ways to communicate. If you are thinking about skipping the personalized holiday corporate cards this year, think again. It is definitely still greatly appreciated!

Holidays Are the Time to Say “Thank You”

Your clients invest a whole lot of trust in you, and they are the backbone of your organization. In fact, without them, you literally couldn’t survive. The holidays are a time to give back and to let those who mean something to you know they do. If you don’t at least wish them well, it might come across like you don’t appreciate them. Go the extra mile to send out personalized corporate holiday cards to say you care.

Forget Digital Messages

A quick email is great for touching base once in a while, but there is nothing personal about it. Quite the contrary, a mass email, or even a single addressee one, says “I didn’t think ahead or take the time.” If you think that sending a quick email or a card via the internet is a great way to wish someone a happy holiday, think again. A generic holiday card delivered over the internet says “you are one of many,” and that is never a good way to make your customers feel special. It takes just a keystroke to send an email card. Whereas, it takes some real thought and planning to send personalized holiday corporate cards.

Personalized Holiday Corporate Cards Breed Brand Loyalty

Anyone can send out a generic holiday card. If you personalize it, it is just more professional! Not only will it present your company in a good light, but it will also help to create brand identity. Anytime your clients or potential clients, see your logo, it breeds brand familiarity. With brand familiarity comes loyalty, and that is exactly what you are looking for. So, although it is a holiday card, it is also one more opportunity to connect with your client on a more lasting level.

Holiday cards aren’t just a thing of the past. They are still a nice courtesy that people enjoy and appreciate. Instead of sending out any card, send a personalized corporate card. It is more professional, builds brand familiarity, and it is an awesome gesture to say you appreciate your customers’ business. For more great holiday promotional gifts and products, check out Guru Printers today.