Tips on increasing your retail sales

Foot traffic from potential clientele and loyal customers is essential in running a retail store or restaurant.  Being inside of your brick-and-mortar location is the most tangible way people can access your brand. 

As a small business owner, you’re already likely using several methods to grab the attention of passersby.  Here are Guru Printer’s tips for turning curious pedestrians into loyal customers.

  1. Give out free samples

We are all familiar with the power of the free sample.  This is often a tactic employed in ice cream shops, bakeries and coffee shops in order not only entice customers but to also gauge customer reactions and feedback. 

Providing samples of your goods and services allows you to sell other products that may not be even related to what is in the sample.  For example, a free taste of a mini coffee cake at your bakery will likely also lead to a sale of a cup of coffee when the customer decides to purchase the pastry. 

In the retail world this is called “up selling” and many businesses are familiar with how a free sample of their product can lead to more sales.  Furthermore, you get to see your customers reactions to your products instantly and provide other options should they prefer something else. 

  1. Follow the foot traffic

How your products are configured and arranged throughout your store is crucial to your customer’s awareness of your various products and their interactions with them.  Observe the aisles or areas in your store that get the most traffic and try to arrange those items more front and center.  If your customers can easily locate a popular item, then chances are they will easily buy it as well. 
You can also look at your itemized sales and use that to decide where you want your most popular goods arranged in the layout of your store. 

  1. Provide incentives for referrals

When the customer and who they end up referring are given an incentive then it’s literally a triple win situation.  This tactic is very popular within service sectors as well as retail. You can provide a discount to the customer for referring someone while also providing an incentive for the person who takes them up on the referral with an additional first time purchase discount.

What might not be to the taste of one customer can very well likely be something their friend or family member might need.

Use your business cards that can also function as a loyalty card to be passed along to both your current customers and to whom they might recommend your goods and service. 

  1. Offer value

Value Printing

The focus of your business should be offering value.  Often that value is shown by being an expert in the product or service you provide.  Customers who visit brick and mortar locations have likely done some research online and are stepping in your shop for the look, touch and feel of the products you carry as well as comparing prices. 

Consumers often want to hear from an expert who knows more than them about the benefits of a product or service in comparison to what they may find online or in a competitor’s store.  You can offer value to potential clients by conveying your expert knowledge about a given product, the benefits it provides, and how it compares to other similar products. 

Assisting customers in this way helps to convert interactions to sales while also giving buyers something they can’t get online – expert in person knowledge and service.   

  1. Display enticing items at the counter

Table Top Marketing

Often customers pick up an additional item for purchase at the counter during the point of purchase.   

Products that serve as a complement to your top selling items can be displayed at the check-out area to optimize sales.  For example, your coffee shop might offer small cookies or protein bars at the register for those on the go and looking to pair their coffee drink with a pastry.  Decking out your counter space with just the right number of enticing items can really help boost your sales. 

  1. E-receipts are good for business and the environment

E-receipts are not only great for the environment, but they also help cut back on your paper costs.  For most business owners, e-receipts also allow you to attain the email address of your customers for special sales and promotions you may offer in a future email campaign.  Fostering a relationship with customers that extends beyond the physical location of your shop is just another added byproduct of e-receipts.

You can also offer an incentive for your customers to enter their email for the receipt.  For example, a loyalty program wherein after every tenth purchase the customer can get a complimentary product or discount code. 

There are various creative ways to convert potential customers to buyers and steer them away from the competition.  Be sure to reference this list when brainstorming ideas on how to improve your client base or boost sales. 

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