Marketing is about connection just as much as it is about business.   There are many ways you can show appreciation and love for your customers who are crucial to your success. 

Here are some ways to show your customers some love.

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Offering your customers an added perk or discount brings value to them just as much as it does to your bottom line.  Mail out postcards or flyers offering a discount or special promotion to your regular clientele.  Center your messaging around your appreciation for their business.   Make your customers feel valued by offering value.  The perk can simply be something to let them know that they’re on your mind.

Marketing is all about building relationships and sending out printed discount codes or even doing an email blast for your offer are great opportunities to show your customers how much you care. 



Send or present something as a token of your appreciation to your customers.  Free Valentine’s day cards that they can then use for their own gift giving.  A free set of 50 stickers for every 10th purchase.  A free mug with their graphic of choice printed on it.  A little goes a long way in gifting your customers.  If there are some clients you haven’t seen for a while or heard from then a gift offered during the holiday season will remind them of your business, the great service your provided and most importantly, the in which you appreciate their business.



A Customer Management System (CMS) will allow you to track data from purchases to contact info, but if also allows you to make notes about things your customer’s preferences and what they gravitate towards the last time they made a purchase or asked for your services.  This will allow you to personalize things for them in the future.  Maybe they mentioned that they have a dog named Sparky and are fond of pets.  Then when it comes time to invoice them or survey their satisfaction with your services you can wish Sparky well too!  Fostering relationships with your clientele doesn’t always have to be about business as just a little personal touch can show them that they matter.