Labels are a great tool for business growth. They can help keep offices and stores organized. They can also be used to promote discounts or new stock. With the right kind of label, you can quickly and effectively boost productivity. Printing clear roll labels in Los Angeles can be beneficial to your company or personal brand. Knowing the right size and style for your labels can help ensure you’re getting the best labels possible. If you’re considering using labels to help boost your company, make sure to follow these guidelines.

Know Your Equipment

Clear roll labels are often used in conjunction with an automatic label dispensing tool. If this is your first time ordering roll labels, you can often buy a tool from the same place you’re having the labels printed. If you already have a tool, you’ll want to make sure that the size and shape of the labels you order will match the tool. Although you may be able to get smaller rolls to work in larger tools, it’s best practice to always make sure the size of the label matches exactly. 

Many tools will have a sticker somewhere that should tell you what size of labels to order. If yours doesn’t, you can measure the tool and use that as an indicator of what size labels to order. Rolls of labels are only as wide as the length of the label themselves, so you can accurately predict which label will work for you. If you choose to forgo the dispensing tool altogether, it’s recommended that you buy smaller label rolls that are easier to handle. 

Roll labels can range anywhere from 1”x1” to 6.5”x6.5”.

Know Your Needs

The size and style of your labels will greatly depend on their usage. The most common shapes for roll labels are circle, oval, square with rounded edges, and rectangular with rounded edges. Before deciding on a shape, consider the rest of your personal or professional brand. Do you already use ovals for your logo or other artwork? Then an oval label may best fit your needs by keeping your visuals similar. Or you may choose a square-shaped logo to add some interesting contrast and flair. 

Clear roll labels can also come with different finishing, such as silk lamination, to add some style and sophistication to your design. You can also use various types of paper and material to add more effects or protections. For example, many clear roll labels can have waterproofing added to help protect your labels in inclement weather. By adding more style and protection to your labels, you’re keeping them safe while helping your company or personal brand stand out.

Know Your Design

When styling your label, size and shape are only part of the equation. It’s important that your design matches your brand and the purpose for which you need the labels. If you’re printing labels for your logo to put on boxes that you’re shipping out, then you won’t need to do much work. But if you’re designing labels for showcasing your products in a storefront or making address labels for your shipments, then you’ll want to consider adding a design that fits with your style.

Your design could be something as simple as a colored background that helps your label stand out. Or you could make it complex, with a unique font and artistic design that adds your style to each label. If you’re at a loss on what to do, you can hire a graphic design artist to help. Many printing companies offer design services as part of their printing packages. You can show them other designs your company already has and discuss what you’d like the new labels to look like. They’ll send you a few options for designs, freeing you up to focus on the rest of your work.

Know Your Audience

When you have a company, you almost always have clients or customers you need to consider. Who is going to be seeing these labels? If it’s purely for organization, you may find that letting your employees have a say in the design helps boost morale and productivity. However, if it’s for shipments, you may want to ask your local post office or shipping service if they have any guidelines or preferences on the shape and size of labels. 

If the labels are going to be in your store or otherwise seen by customers, you’ll want to take extra consideration to ensure that the design, size, and shape match. For example, if you serve more elderly people than any other age group, larger labels with easier-to-see and read fonts will certainly help your brand grow. However, if your company attracts a younger clientele, not only can you get away with smaller sizes and fonts, but you can often get more creative in design.

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Ordering Clear Roll Labels in Los Angeles

Clear roll labels from Los Angeles have the power to dramatically boost your productivity and marketing potential. However, a poorly-sized or designed label could work just as well to decrease these. Making sure your clear roll labels match the size of your dispenser tool will ensure that you can get to work right away without any hang-ups. You can trust Guru Printers to get your clear roll labels printed on time and with high quality. With over ten years of experience printing in the Los Angeles area, our company guarantees a quick and efficient print that you can proudly show off. Choosing a style and design that matches the aesthetic you already have in place can maintain cohesion across your brand. With the right planning and thought, clear roll labels can be a useful commodity for your company.

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