If you are going to be getting business cards soon, you may want to consider using silk lamination. This is a little more costly, but you are going to love the impact and look that these cards provide. If you need a little coaxing, here are five great reasons to you silk lamination.

High-End Material – Silk Laminated Business Cards

It starts with the fantastic material that is used for silk lamination of business cards. This is a great look and feels good as well. It is something that will be memorable because people will be pretty impressed with the durability and texture of the card. They look sharp and really make you stand out. After all, this is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression with a potential customer or business partner. You want to make sure you are doing everything possible to keep you and your business in mind, and this is a great way to do so.

The Distinctiveness of Color

Silk laminate helps to make colors really stand out. This is something that traditional business cards are unable to do, but that is not an issue with these types of cards. It’s why photographers, and particularly, really love these cards.


Silk laminated business cards are thick and durable. They are meant to last a long time, which is to your benefit. The longer someone has your business card, the more likely they are to keep you in their mind. This helps you when a year or two from now they are in need of your services and remember that you have just what they are looking for. Because your card is in good shape, they can read it and find you.

The Edges Are Perfect

Another great advantage of using this type of material is that the edges are perfect. The final stage of the printing process is to cut your cards, which can often lead to chipping or fraying of the edges. You will not have an issue with that using silk lamination, making your business cards even more appealing.

A Stunning Contrast

If you really want to make your card stand out, this is the material that will make it do so. It is not just the material itself, but the silk stock creates a beautiful contrast between colors and images, something unrivaled by other materials.

If you are looking to make an impression with potential clients or partners, this really is the card to go with. Contact a Guru Printers specialist for your Los Angeles printing needs. 

Silk Lamination Business Cards