Growing your company and ensuring it runs smoothly is the main priority for many business owners. But knowing the right methods and tools to use isn’t always easy. In fact, some of the best tools to help your business grow and thrive aren’t what you might commonly think. Roll labels, for example, are an excellent source of promotion and organization. And with print shops like Guru Printers, you can get roll labels quickly in LA to help your company start moving forward. Here are some of the ways that roll labels can help your company.


Roll labels are great for helping your company stay organized. An unorganized company isn’t going to have much time to focus on growing and improving. Spending too much of your time or your employees’ time looking for stock and finding inventory can cripple a company. Roll labels help you maintain organization in all aspects of your business.

Inventory and Stock Rooms

Keeping things labeled is the number-one priority of organization. Without labels, you’ll have to rely on your memory to find things. If you only have one type of inventory or office supply, this isn’t so hard. But the more you have to find, the more time you’ll spend looking for the specific thing you need. And even if you do have a perfect memory and can find whatever you need in an instant, labels help you grow by allowing you to hire new members.

A new hire won’t have your knowledge and may not have the memory capacity that you do. The training and integration process for a new employee can be expedited with the help of roll labels. Labeling your shelves and cabinets will help employees jump right in and find what they are looking for. Roll labels provide a cheap, mass-produced amount of organization. Storage rooms that see a lot of traffic are likely to have their labels worn away quickly. With roll labels, however, you can easily replace them. You can also expand your storage and relabel things without having to order new or additional labels.


If you have a physical office or storefront, roll labels can be used the same way to help with organization. Labels can indicate clothing size, types of merchandise, and even the price of your inventory. Because each roll can come with up to 5000 labels, you can move and relabel things as often as you want without having to reorder new labels. Roll labels can be used to highlight sales or promote the outstanding qualities your items have to encourage people to buy. By utilizing roll labels in your storefront, you help customers and employees find what they are looking for and save yourself money.


Roll labels are a great promotional tool when used properly. Promoting your business is the best way to help it grow, and growth leads to awesome things. A business that doesn’t grow can become stagnant and stale. For a company to thrive, it should always be striving for greater things. With roll labels, you can easily and inexpensively boost your promotional efforts.

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Sending out packages to customers is a large part of many businesses. Especially these days, the amount of online shopping has increased dramatically. If you send your merchandise out in unmarked boxes or envelopes, you’re getting your item to your customer but missing out on some quality promotional opportunities. Your package or envelope will be seen by dozens of people, including postal workers and neighbors of your customers. You could pay for customized shipping labels and even custom boxes and envelopes, but sometimes that isn’t always in your budget. Roll labels, however, are an inexpensive alternative. By adding your logo to your labels, you can stick one on your package and send it off, knowing that it’s helping your company grow.


Everybody likes free things. Unfortunately, free things aren’t always friendly on a company’s budget. Because roll labels are comparatively cheap, you can easily use them for promotional giveaways. Each roll can have up to 5000 labels, meaning you can give out a sticker to 5000 customers or clients before needing to order a new roll. These stickers can be your logo, your company’s motto, or anything else that will help tie the image to your business.

Giveaways can be handed out whenever someone makes a purchase, or even just comes by for a visit. They can also be sent out with online orders or handed out at events and conferences. People who receive these freebies will help you promote your business by placing the stickers on their laptops, folders, bags, or even cars. Now, your company has an extra source of promotion without you having to lift a finger. You can let your customers help your business grow by showing off your logo/design wherever they roam.

Roll Labels Quickly in LA from Guru Printers

Roll labels may not initially seem like a useful tool in helping your company grow, but they are invaluable when used properly. Guru Printers can help you get roll labels quickly in LA and all over the world. Our business is dedicated to helping your business thrive. We provide quick and high-quality printing services for roll labels, sticker sheets, business cards, and any other promotional material you can think of. We even have in-house designers who can help you perfect your label design to maximize growth. If you’re ready to help your business excel, you can place an order directly online or give us a call at (213) 513-2159 for help.