Getting high-quality printed products is a great way to boost your business or personal brand. With the right marketing and promotional materials, you can see your company grow and your personal projects thrive. But does a printer’s location matter? After all, with modern shipping options, you can order printed materials from anywhere around the world. So, what are the benefits of searching for ‘printers near me?’ Why worry about the location at all when you can get anything shipped to you from anywhere? The truth is the location of your printer matters more than you might think.

Shipping and Handling

When ordering printed objects online, it’s important to ensure that the delivery is handled well. Otherwise, perfectly good printed materials could wind up ruined by the time they reach your house or office. With the right printer location, however, many of these concerns can be alleviated.

Shipping Access

Having what you need when you need it is important for any occasion. Even if you aren’t doing a rush order, you still want to ensure that your purchased goods arrive on time for whatever you need them for. Where your printer is located matters in this process.

Being able to order anything from anywhere doesn’t mean you should order anything from anywhere. In fact, there are some locations that even the trusty USPS has difficulties reaching regularly. Ordering from another country adds even more uncertainty to the mix. It’s important to find a printer that is located centrally, ideally within a city, with access to a variety of shipping options.

Why does this matter? For starters, more shipping options mean you can get your products either faster or cheaper. If your printing company, for example, has a partnership with UPS or FedEx, they can save money by shipping in bulk, meaning they can charge you less for shipping and handling. But printers need to be in a location that has access to shipping centers or drivable routes in order to take advantage of these benefits.

Shipping Care

The farther your materials have to travel, the more damage they could sustain. Products that travel by air or boat are more susceptible to bends, knicks, or even punctures. The closer a printer is to your location, the less travel time there is, which reduces the possibility of damage.

Pick Up

Another great benefit of having a printer located close by is the availability of picking up your orders. When you print locally, you can avoid the hazards of shipping damage altogether by picking up your order, ensuring a safe delivery. You can also make sure that your order gets to you as soon as it’s ready. Without having to wait for delivery times, you can expedite your printing needs and get your materials ready as soon as possible.

Proven History

Typically, a business has to be successful if it’s going to maintain an urban location. City property is expensive, and only businesses with a good customer base will be able to afford such areas. If your printer is located in a city or other urban setting, chances are they’re in good business. City locations also provide your printer with access to more clients, meaning their business has more experience, leading to better print jobs than rural competitors.


When you work somewhere, you get to know the area, even if you don’t live there. If you choose a printer that is located near you, you gain valuable community resources that can help bolster your promotional plan or personal project.

Photo by Srdjan Ivankovic on Unsplash


When your business is located in an urban setting, you get to know the other businesses nearby. After all, it’s hard not to get to know your neighbors in such tight living and working conditions. When companies get together, they’re likely to form some kind of partnership. When you’re running a marketing campaign or working on a personal project, you may need more than just printed products. If your printer is located near other active businesses, they can point you in the direction of other companies that might fill the gaps in your needs. More than that, you might even be able to get a discount from their referral.


If your business operates locally, having a local printer can help boost the quality of your materials. A local printer will know all the same community ins and outs that you do – and maybe even some that you don’t. Because many printers offer design aid or services, this knowledge and experience are important for creating beautiful printed products. With a local printer on your side, you can expect your prints to shine and contribute to your local aesthetic.

Access to Resources

Along with shipping access, having access to the right kind of resources is important for your printer. After all, they need to regularly stock paper, ink, machine parts, fabrics, and more to handle printing all that they offer. With a central location, your printer will be able to order and receive all the bits they need to ensure a quality print for your project.

Printing Locally with Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we are dedicated to making sure that your business has the best-printed materials available. Located in downtown Los Angeles, we’re able to access a variety of shipping options that help get your materials to you as soon as possible. We also offer pick-up options to ensure an even speedier delivery. If you want a high-quality printer near you, look no further. You can browse our available products online and start creating an order right away. If you have any questions or need help with your order, give us a call at (213) 513-6533.