Sticker Printing Los Angeles
If you bought an iPod or iPhone a few years ago, you would have been the proud owner of a printed white apple, with a bite out of it, image that had an adhesive backing that could be stuck pretty much anywhere. You may have even been one of those who proudly displayed their brand loyalty on the back of your car. Apple hit the jackpot using their sticker marketing strategy and very likely drew a number of additional sales from people originally stuck in traffic behind a car who then went out and bought one of the apple devices. Apple weren’t the pioneers in this form of advertising though. A couple of decades ago, sports brands and surf and street wear fashion labels would frequently include a branding sticker on the product tag. A lot of these stickers ended up on surfboards, skateboards or, flash forward a decade or two, on the back of a car. Apple however, brought sticker based advertising back to life, all be it temporarily, and I am pretty sure they don’t regret it.
Sticker based advertising in the Apple form, seems to have lost its popularity somewhat, but that just means there is an opportunity to lead the pack again. Sticker based advertising is a great way of establishing brand loyalty and getting your customers to do free, often mobile, advertising on your behalf. With the versatility of sticker, they can be stuck almost anywhere. Stickers don’t only have to appear on the back of cars or the underside of a skateboard, but can appear on laptop or tablet screen backings, household fridge doors, lamp posts or bus stops. All of these sites, and more, are free advertising space for your brand.
You of course do not want to leave sticker based advertising solely in the hands of your customers. There are other uses for stickers, that can generate as much interest and enthusiasm. Sales are a useful time to bring out the stickers. Reduced price items can standout using a sticker on the product or deal promotions, such as two for the price of one, can be highlighted, again with sticker placement.
Another innovative tool for sticker placement is on the product itself. Many laptops have the major specifications listed on a sticker within the keyboard area. Other electronic products will have stickers highlighting product attributes around the switch area. If you are not using stickers on relevant products, perhaps it is time to investigate sticker printing services for future use.
If you are confident in your brand and have a loyal customer base that would be proud to show off their allegiance, including stickers tagged on products or unstuck within the packaging for use wherever the customer chooses, is still a strategy that can be explored. Make sure that you use noticeable, distinguishable colors and logos so that the eyes of potential customers will be caught.
Sticker printing is still a service offered by print stores. If you are looking at leading the pack in an underutilized advertising medium, then speak to your local print store about the sticker printing and there is a very good chance that your advertising will begin to stick in many places your brand wasn’t found before.