There are many ways to help improve your business, either by boosting sales or increasing your promotional reach. With same-day sticker printing, you can achieve both. Stickers are a great way to add merchandise to your storefronts or help you market your company. And with same-day printing and quick delivery, you can get them in time for any event or promotion you need. With the right strategy in place, same-day sticker printing can boost your business.

Uses for Same-Day Sticker Printing

Stickers may not initially seem like an obvious choice when you’re looking to improve your business. But they are cost-effective and extremely versatile. Stickers can be used to increase sales, promote yourself at events, and get additional marketing growth through customers and clients. No matter what area of business you’re looking to bulk up, same-day sticker printing can help you achieve those goals.

Increasing Sales

Stickers are great to sell in your physical storefronts or online shops. Because they are relatively cheap to produce, you can easily make a profit by selling them to customers. Stickers are the perfect addition to checkout lines or online carts to encourage people to make additional purchases. They can also be used as incentives for frequent or larger purchases by adding them on as freebies for qualifying orders. Selling stickers can help you make more money and see an increase in sales activity. And with same-day sticker printing, you don’t have to worry about running out of stock at an inconvenient time.

Promotion at Events

Since sticker printing isn’t all that costly, stickers make the perfect giveaway for conferences, conventions, and other events. Stickers are a popular commodity for many attendees, and you’re more likely to get someone to visit your booth or room if you have them sitting out. Even if you’re giving the stickers away for free, you’re still getting your name out there and getting an in with passersby. While it may seem counterintuitive for businesses to give freebies out, it’s a surefire way to grab people’s attention and get a foot in the door for a potential sale or business connection.

Marketing Growth

Marketing a company can be difficult, especially if you don’t have many promotional materials to give away. But you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money marketing your company if you utilize stickers properly. Because stickers are so popular, many people tend to place them on laptops, notebooks, and bags that they carry around with them. In doing so, they essentially provide free marketing services for you. As long as your sticker has your company name, logo, or website, you’re getting your business out in the world wherever that sticker may end up. Each time someone else sees the sticker, it’s a potential new client or customer who can help your business grow.

same-day sticker printing
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How to Get Same-Day Sticker Printing

If you want to get stickers printed quickly, you need to make sure you do your research and have everything ready ahead of time. Getting your files ready and looking through the various printing options can take up a lot of time. If you have everything print-ready and already know what you want, you can quickly and easily order stickers for same-day printing.

File Guidelines

If you want your stickers to print quickly and properly, you’ll want to make sure your file is properly formatted before sending it to the printer. Any issues with the settings or design can result in low-quality prints. Even if they get delivered quickly, they won’t serve to support your business. If you want to ensure your stickers print properly, double-check the following settings on your image file:

Color Spectrum – In order to print properly on physical printers, sticker image files should be colored according to the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color spectrum. Most settings default to RGB (Red, Green, Blue), so make sure you change the setting and check for accuracy first.

DPI – The DPI (dots per inch) tells printing presses how many dots to display per inch on the image. When printing a physical product, it’s always best to set the DPI to at least 300. Anything lower than that can result in blurry or fuzzy image prints.

Bleed Area – When your stickers are printed and cut, there’s a small margin of error that can occur. If this happens, you could lose about ¼” off any side of your image. To help prevent the loss of important design elements or text, make sure you include a small bleed area around your image.

Same-Day Sticker Printing Options

When you order your stickers, there are many options to choose from. Knowing what paper weight and finish you want can help you get through the ordering process faster. Because many printers require same-day printing orders to be submitted by a certain time, it’s imperative that you don’t spend too long at the checkout. Researching what effects you want ahead of time can help you get your order in in a timely manner. It can also ensure your stickers print quickly.

Same-Day Sticker Printing in Downtown Los Angeles

Stickers can be a great way to boost your business and help grow your company. At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality stickers at affordable prices. Our same-day sticker printing services ensure that you get your stickers when you need them. Whether you’re increasing your product lineup, promoting yourself at an event, or marketing your company to a wider audience, we’re here to help. For same-day sticker printing, give us a call at (213) 371-9412 or send an email to [email protected] to get started with your order.