Owning a business can be a time-consuming process. And when your business isn’t performing as it should, it can be particularly frustrating. With printing services, however, you can boost your business without breaking the bank or taking time away from other important tasks. By spending just a few hours planning and setting up your marketing strategy, you can grow your promotional goals and watch your business improve. There is a wide variety of printing services available to help your company, each with its own pros and cons depending on your business needs.

Business Card Printing Services

Business cards are the most common type of printing service that leads to direct company growth. In most business circles, handing over a business card is the equivalent of a handshake. If you don’t have one, you could be labeled as unprofessional and unprepared at any meeting or conference. Having the right business card makes a great first impression and can help you stand out from competitors when meeting new clients, customers, or potential business partners.

Creating a business card isn’t too difficult, and most printing services offer in-house design options to help the process along. What’s important is making sure that your business card is professional yet reflects you and your company. Be sure to include your logo, name, title, and contact information so others can find you and your business easily. Adding unique touches, such as a silk finish or UV spotlight, can help your business card really shine. Just be cautious: adding too many special features can make your card seem crowded and unprofessional.

Postcard Printing Services

Mass marketing techniques are constantly changing. Some days it’s said that email blasts work best. Other days, it’s text messages. But no matter what the current trend is, postcards continue to be a reliable and effective promotional move. While emails and texts go unread every day, most people at least briefly look through their physical mail. And where in a text or email you only have one line to grab their attention, postcards allow you more space to get your message across.

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Postcards can have a variety of designs that will help boost your business, but there are some common guidelines to follow. For example, you’ll want to create a good balance between text and image. Too much text on the postcard can make it feel cluttered, turning potential customers and clients away. On the other hand, not having enough text limits your ability to tell viewers what your company is about and why they should care. Finding that perfect balance is key to effective marketing through postcard printing.

Label and Sticker Printing Services

Although they may not seem like obvious marketing materials, labels and stickers can greatly support your promotional efforts. Labels allow you to brand your shipments, making sure that everyone who sees your package going through the mail knows about your company. That’s a lot of extra ground you cover without having to put any additional thought into it. By simply putting your logo on return labels, you can greatly improve your marketing reach.

Stickers can have the same effect, with added bonuses. Not only can stickers help you show off your business to others, but they can also help improve your bottom line. Selling unique stickers in your shop adds more sales to your store without having to produce or stock big and bulky products. And with affordable bulk shipping, you can make a nice profit off a well-designed sticker.

Vinyl Poster and Banner Printing Services

Vinyl posters and banners are the perfect options for a wider audience in your marketing efforts. Because they have more space to work with in terms of the design, you can use them to promote more of your company. With the right design, a poster or banner can drive business to your website or physical location. Posters and banners can be hung in other local businesses, at community boards, and even in your own shop/office to help direct clients and customers. 

There are many ways to design posters and banners, but like other promotional materials, you want to make sure everything is well-balanced and cohesive as a design. Utilizing a color scheme that matches other marketing material you’ve used in the past can help you maintain brand integrity. Keeping the font legible ensures that viewers understand what you’re telling them, while keeping the font large ensures they’re able to see it from a distance.

Other Printing Services

Business cards, postcards, stickers, and banners are just some of the most popular marketing materials you can get with printing services. Other printing options that can help boost your business include:

  • Promotional Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Door Hangers
  • Bookmarks
  • Magnets
  • Greeting Cards
  • Envelopes and Folders
  • And more

In a digital age, printed promotional materials help your business stand out from the competition. With a physical card in hand, clients and customers are more likely to remember you. Plus, potential business partners will appreciate your professionalism and unique approach to marketing.

High-Quality Printing Services at Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to providing business owners with the highest-quality printing services available at a price they can afford. We offer printing services for all of your business needs and have in-house designers available should you need assistance in creating the perfect look for your marketing ventures. With everything from business cards to magnets, postcards to mugs, and stickers to canvas prints, we have everything needed to boost your business. You can browse our available printing services and start placing an order online, or you can give us a call at (213) 513-6533 or send an email to [email protected] for assistance with your order.