Brand identity is important for any company. Keeping your promotional material similar across different marketing campaigns helps build trust and recognition with both customers and other businesses. While die-cut stickers can be a wonderful way to promote your business in person, it’s necessary to ensure that your stickers match your brand identity. Thankfully, customization options for die-cut stickers make it easier than ever to maintain your brand while finding a unique way to market yourself.

How Die-Cut Stickers Differ from Other Stickers

Stickers in general are perfect for marketing and promotion. Because stickers are fun and unique, more people are willing to buy them or accept them at events. And with the right design, stickers can lead others back to your website or social media page. But to get more people to see your stickers, you need to encourage people to display them on their personal items. 

Regular stickers have to conform to regulated sizes and shapes, mostly small and either circular or rectangular. But with die-cut stickers, you can make any size and shape of sticker you want. The ability to create unique outlines and combinations of sizes means people will be more interested in your designs and more willing to display them and help share the word about your company.

Tips for Maintaining Brand Integrity

When designing your stickers, you want to make sure they match the rest of your brand. Even stickers you sell in your shop as art should relate to your overall business. Maintaining your brand integrity will help others know they’re in the right place when they look you up online. If your die-cut stickers look drastically different from your website, users may turn away, thinking they ended up at the wrong place. Here are some tips for maintaining your brand in your sticker designs.

Logos are wonderful because they allow you to quickly brand anything as yours. If your sticker has your logo on it and your website features your logo on the home page, there won’t be any confusion over whether or not someone is on the right site. Is your logo unique and artful? Then you can even make your sticker an enhanced version of it. If not, try to find a way to incorporate the logo into an aesthetic design.

Pro Tip! The file you have for your logo on your website likely has a low DPI (dots per inch) setting. While this is fine for internet use, trying to print this image at such a low setting can create a blurry and uneven sticker. If you’re using your logo in your sticker, make sure you alter the original image file to have a DPI of 300 or higher for a crisp and clear print.

Use Similar Colors

The color scheme for your company is highly important. While we may not think about it consciously, we do associate certain colors with certain businesses. And if you change your colors across different platforms, you’ll likely confuse those who want to do business with you. Before you finalize your design, make sure the colors on your sticker match the colors of your website and other promotional materials.

die-cut stickers

Photo by Done By Alex on Unsplash

Pro Tip! The color spectrum used to display images on your screen is different from the one used to print images on paper. Chances are your image editing software defaults to the RGB (red, green, blue) color spectrum. If you want to make sure your colors print out perfectly, be sure to change it to the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum and print a test page first.

Use Legible Fonts on Your Die-Cut Stickers

While using the same fonts can also help maintain your brand integrity, it’s also important to use legible fonts. Cursive and other fanciful fonts may look good and may even fit with your brand’s overall identity. But if people can’t easily read what your sticker says, then it just hurts your marketing efforts. Large and legible fonts help ensure that your sticker is directing people to your business.

Pro Tip! Having text on your sticker can be a great way to show off your website, name, or contact information. But if your text or any design elements run to the edge of your image, you could risk losing those elements. During printing, a slight shift can occur, which may cut off a bit of the edge of your design. To keep your text intact, always include a ¼” bleed area around your die-cut sticker’s design.

What to Do with Die-Cut Stickers

With the perfect design and a great print, your die-cut stickers are ready to help promote your brand. But how can they do that, exactly? The best way to help spread the word about your company is to hand out your stickers at conventions, meetings, and other professional events. Having a freebie to give away not only brings people to your table or room, but it also helps you market yourself after the event is over. Handing out your unique stickers will get your brand out into the world. And if you have the right brand identity on your stickers, you can find new sources of business at every opportunity.

Where to Get Die-Cut Stickers for Your Business

If you’re ready to spread the word about your business or brand, let Guru Printers help. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality prints for any occasion. With everything from die-cut stickers to posters and even magnets, we have the products you need to promote your business. We also offer in-house design services to help take your idea to a finished product. You can begin placing your order for unique die-cut stickers through our online order form. If you have any questions or need a rush order, you can also call us at (213) 371-9412 or send an email to [email protected].