When it comes to marketing and promoting business cards play a pivotal role. Given that they’re so commonplace it is really easy for most people to be indifferent to be handed a card if it doesn’t reflect something outstanding. Elegance in business card design is important in leaving a second impression after a face to face first impression and interaction with you or your brand.


Every brand and business is unique with characteristics that sets them apart.  Some of the choices you make in the design and print of your card can help convey that originality. Paper type and the finish are one of the aspects of your business card that can help distinguish you from other.  At Guru Printers we offer various paper stocks and finishes to bring your distinct brand to the fingertips of customers and potential clients.  Here are a few of our stock and finishes:

  • Edge Painted
  • Kraft
  • Gloss Laminated
  • Diamond Glitter
  • Edge Gilded
  • Layered cake 
  • Silk Laminated
  • Velvet Laminated
  • Rigid Plastic


Choosing the right layout for your card is another crucial step in getting your message across. We recommend most of our clients to do a rough sketch of their desired layout on paper or to have a graphic designer assist them on a initial draft. Here are a few things to consider as you go about creating a layout for your business card.

  • Industry (the type of business you are involved in)
  • Color
  • Font
  • Orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Size

Experiments with the customizations listed above will help your narrow in on the right design and card layout suitable for you business.

Consider the text, images, or graphics that may appear on your card. Look at other business card examples that are standard in your line of business and industry. Giving these factors consideration will help you with your layout choices.


To make it easier for your clients we offer a business card template catalogue for your browsing.

Most of our templates are standard-sized 2” X 3.5”.  But you can create a business card in any shape or size of your choice with horizontal or vertical orientations.

Be sure to consult your graphic designer for the best design and color choices given the industry your business card will represent.

We offer blank templates under the templates tab on our website to allow you to full customize your card design or pop in your own preexisting design to see how it looks in the preprinting stage.  You can also ask about our proofing services to save yourself the time it takes to proof your business card before going to print.