Growing a business isn’t always easy. And when you need something that could help boost your company, you don’t want to have to wait around for it to show up. That’s why stickers on demand are a great way to improve your business within the timeframe you need. Stickers can be a wonderful way to promote your business at events or boost your sales with unique artwork. And with stickers on demand, you can start improving your company as soon as you want.

How Stickers on Demand Work

Getting stickers on demand is pretty easy these days. Even if you’re using die-cut sticker designs, you can still get your products printed, cut, and delivered quickly. When you send in your image files to your local printing company, they only need to upload and calibrate the files to their machines and let technology do the rest. By printing stickers in a nearby, urban location, you can get them delivered quickly or even pick them up for immediate use as needed.

How Stickers on Demand Can Help

Using stickers to promote your business or boost sales is nothing new; companies have been doing it for years. But stickers on demand are an even better way to get the help you need to improve your business. 

No Back-Stock

Paying for and printing a bunch of stickers at once can save you money per sticker, but it also means sitting on a big stock of inventory and hoping you’ll sell it. With stickers on demand, however, you don’t have to worry about excess inventory. Instead, you can print your stickers whenever you need them, such as when someone orders them. The quick printing and delivery mean you can get the products and ship them out fast. This helps you get more orders filled without needing to find places to store inventory.

Last-Minute Ideas

Going to events and conferences can be an effective way to promote yourself and boost your marketing efforts. But if all you have are business cards, you’re way behind the competition. Almost everyone has some kind of free giveaway item that they bring with them to help them stand out. And with stickers on demand, you can take advantage of that tactic yourself. Even if the event you’re going to is tomorrow, you can quickly get stickers printed at your local printing company. And with pick-up options available, you can even grab them on your way to the event.

Changing Stock

Having limited-edition stickers or a rotating stock is a great way to encourage people to buy before it’s too late. But you can’t always anticipate how many people will or won’t want to buy your newest sticker design. And if you overproduce stickers, you’ll be left with excess inventory of an item that’s supposed to be available for a limited time only. That’s where stickers on demand come in handy. With stickers, you can print and order as you need. It’s easy to wait until all of the orders have come in so that you can just order however many you need. 

stickers on demand

Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

How to Make Stickers on Demand Work for You

Getting stickers printed and delivered quickly is easy, but it’s a lot easier when you take the time to do it right. Everything from the design of your sticker to the format of your file can influence the time it takes to print stickers on demand. By following these tips, you can make sure your sticker printing process is quick and efficient.

Use Standard Shapes and Sizes

While you can get custom stickers made quickly, it’s much easier to get standard stickers printed at the last minute. This is because the printing machines have pre-calibrated settings that allow them to quickly print and cut regular shapes and sizes. The most common sticker shapes are circular and square and come in sizes ranging from 2.5” X 2.5” to 6” X 9”.

Check File Formatting

The state of your file won’t necessarily impact the speed of printing and delivery, but it will impact the quality of your stickers. An improperly formatted file will cause discoloration and loss of clarity on most stickers. To make sure your stickers on demand are printed perfectly, make sure you check the following before hitting send:

  • Bleed – You want to include at least a ¼” bleed area around your design to avoid cutting off important designs or information.
  • Color Spectrum – You want to change your image’s color spectrum from RGB to CMYK to ensure the colors print vibrantly.
  • DPI – Set the DPI (dots per inch) on your image file to a minimum of 300 for crisp and clear image printing.

Find the Right Printer

Working with the right printing company is the best way to ensure you get your stickers on demand in good condition. While a lot of factors play into choosing a printer, location is the top priority for quick printing and delivery. Choosing a printer that is located in a centralized urban area, such as downtown Los Angeles, will ensure they have access to all the shipping options you need. Choosing a printing company that is local is also a great way to speed up the process if they offer pick-up options.

Get Stickers on Demand with Guru Printers

If you want to help your company improve, stickers can boost sales and enhance your promotional efforts. With stickers on demand from Guru Printers, you can get the products you need delivered quickly and safely. We also offer pick-up options for local orders so that you can take delivery into your own hands. To place an order for stickers on demand, fill out our online order form or give us a call at (213) 320-4865 for more information.