When trying to grow your business, business cards are the best way to help your efforts. Business cards can be used at events and conferences to help circulate your business or personal brand. Although looking for ‘business cards near me’ can help you find a list of places to print business cards, you want to make sure you’re getting the best business cards. Here’s what to look out for when trying to get the best business cards for your company.

Printing Business Cards Near You

Making sure you pick the right business card printer is an important part of getting the best business cards. Everything from location to printing services offered can affect the quality of your cards.

Urban Location

Getting the best business cards printed is different from getting the best business cards delivered. Many printers can create beautiful business cards that will work well for you, but they don’t always arrive at your door or office in one piece. Having access to a variety of shipping options is a benefit that printers in urban locations have. Not only does this variety provide better packaging care and handling, but it also allows for quicker delivery time. Finding a good printer in a city location is the best way to ensure a fantastic print and a flawless delivery.

Local Understanding

If you run a small or local business, getting involved in the community is a great way to help your company grow. When you purchase business cards, it’s helpful to have a printer that understands the local community. Being able to communicate with the printer about your needs and desires surrounding the locality of your business is a great boost in making sure everything prints out the way they should. You can also get even better and quicker delivery by being able to just pick up the cards right from the printer themselves.

Business Card Options

There are a lot of different options when it comes to printing your business cards. The more options a printer has to offer, the better your cards will turn out. With the following options available, you can create beautiful designs for your business cards that will impress clients and potential business partners:

  • Glossy UV Coating
  • Spot UV
  • Silk Laminate
  • Stamped Foil
  • Velvet
  • Myriad Foil

You can use these various business card ad-ons and finishes to help create a professional and luxurious business card to use at conferences and other events. With different textures and highlighted content, your business card is sure to stand out and grab attention in any stack.

Photo by Grey Wight on Unsplash

Designs for Business Cards Near You

Using the right printer for your business cards will only go so far in helping you get the best print possible. In order to ensure a quality business card that will grow your business, you need to have a good design as well. 

Avoid Crowding

Business cards are a first impression, not a biography of you or your company. When designing your business card, be sure you don’t overcrowd either side with too much information. The best business cards feature your company’s name and logo along with your name and contact information. That’s usually all you’ll need for a business card. It’s often a good idea to leave the back side of the card completely blank, allowing you to write personal notes or other information for those you are handing the cards out to.

File Formatting

With a good design ready to go, you want to make sure your file is properly formatted for the printer. Without checking this first, you could end up with cut-off images or discoloration. Be sure you check the following before sending your file to the printer:

Size – Your final file size should not be larger than the size you are planning to print the cards on.

Bleed – Having a bleed area is a great way to avoid losing important information during the cutting process. Make sure all pertinent information is well within the bleed line.

Color – Printers use the CMYK color spectrum to print their materials. Most image editing software defaults to using the RGB spectrum. Make sure you switch the color spectrum and adjust the levels as needed before sending your file to the printer.

DPI – Computer screens are used to handling low DPI (dots per inch) images. Printed material, however, needs a higher DPI to ensure that everything is crisp and clear when it prints. All individual image files and the final image file should have a DPI of at least 300 to ensure a fantastic print.

Professional Help

If you aren’t a designer yourself, it’s a good idea to seek professional help in designing your business card. A professional designer can ensure that your card looks professional and that the file is properly formatted for printing. Many printing companies offer in-house design help. They’ll take your images and information and create a stunning design that’s guaranteed to print properly on their machines. It may cost a little more to get business cards printed this way, but it’s worth the high-quality result your cards will have.

Printing Business Cards Near You with Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to helping your business or brand grow with high-quality printed materials. We offer a variety of options for your business cards, including Spot UV and silk laminate, to help make a good first impression. If you’re looking for business cards near you, look no further than Guru Printers. You can browse our available business card options online or work with one of our in-house designers to begin making your design. If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, you can give us a call at (213) 513-2159.