Custom Magnets
There are times when your traditional advertising media are not quite sufficient to generate maximum interest in your new product, sales or brand. Posters, banners, billboards and voice and visual media print don’t always hit the target population. High cost and low volume placement may not hit the target population and your potential customers that are out there just aren’t seeing your messages. Even smaller, locally focused companies may have hit and miss advertising that your potential customers just aren’t exposed to. They are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Targeted advertising may be part of the solution here. Targeted advertising such as flyers and mailers have been used in advertising for decades. Mailers are sent to people that fit a certain profile that are more likely to spend money at your store and flyers can be handed out in and around your store or where your soon opening store will be located. In this way, people living, working or traveling in the area where you do business will at some point be handed a flyer and if that person sees a connection with what you have to offer, then you may earn them as a customer.
There are problems even with target advertising such as flyers and mailers. They are more often than not ignored and tossed in the trash without a glance at what is on offer. Something else is needed to get people to look at your message and to hold on to that message for recall when they need it. Promotional stickers and magnets are a great way of doing this.
Promotional stickers have two functions. Firstly, if the sticker is well designed and is going to add some fun, or recognition for the consumer or even add a touch of flair as a piece of trendy décor, then the new customer or potential repeat customer is going to fold onto that sticker. The second function of a promotional sticker is for the sticker itself to be a form of advertising. Remember how Apple would include a sticker of their logo in iPods and the first iPhones. Many of those stickers landed up on the back of vehicles as the new owner wanted to show off their use of an Apple product and the Apple sticker then reminded everyone who pulled up behind the car, which Apple was out their selling great products.
Magnets fulfill a similar purpose but are more focused on reminding a customer that they have used the company once before and that they should use it again. Magnets given away free with a purchase will often end up on the customers fridge and serve as a constant reminder of their last great experience. Many take out restaurants use this strategy and include the brand and contact details for easy access when the customer next wants food from that particular restaurant.
If you haven’t considered promotional stickers and magnets as an advertising tool, then perhaps now is the time to give it a try. Most good print stores will offer promotional stickers and magnets as a service and if designed well and circulated wisely, your stickers or magnets could be creating a lasting message on the back of a car or on a fridge.