Why You Should Use Save-the-Date Magnets

Most people think of postcards when they announce their event, but magnets are a great way to remind your guests. Save-the-date magnets are crucial for significant events, like weddings and graduations. Chances are guests will be traveling to attend your event, and these magnets don’t just help them mark their calendar – they also help your guests make their travel arrangements. Guests can begin to check flights or determine what kind of budget they can allocate for the event. In addition, they may want to explore your city when traveling to your event.

Give Guests Enough Time to Prepare

Save-the-date magnets are most important for destination weddings. If you’re getting married in Cancun, Mexico, you want to give your guests enough time to prepare. Because of this, when you let them know in advance, they can get their passports ready and start researching airline tickets, childcare, etc. As a result, the more time you can give your guests to prepare, the better it is.

Mailing Magnets

While mailing save-the-date magnets for your event, you need to know that most equipment at the post office is metal. There could be a delay in processing magnets at the post office if the post office can’t run your magnets through the metal metering machine. They may have to manually sort them, which could cause a delay. You need to plan for this delay when you are sending out your magnets. Besides, if the magnet makes your envelope hard to bend, it may increase your postage rate. Be sure to weigh your envelope containing the save-the-date magnets before buying postage.

Plan in Advance

If you want to use save-the-date magnets, you need to plan in advance. There is no point in getting magnets made for an event that is happening in one week. You can create a cute reminder with save-the-date magnets with a personal picture. It can be hung wherever your guests want to keep it as a reminder. So, if you are planning a big event, think about making a bunch of save-the-date magnets to spread around until you send out the official invitations.

Get Creative

Use your imagination to create an exciting and memorable save the date magnet. A graphic design specialist can work with you to create a design to your liking and making it as personal as you would like it to be. You can then add the event date, the event time, and the name of the event on the magnets.

Save-the-Date Magnets From Guru Printers

At Guru Printers a printing services company in Los Angeles, we offer lovely magnets for any occasion. If you are announcing a special event, it is the perfect thing to help your guests plan in advance. A destination wedding or graduation or 25th wedding anniversary celebrations are excellent examples of such events that can use save-the-date magnets. These magnets are very economical, so you will get a high return on your investment. We can help you design the perfect magnet for your event. Contact us for printing services in Los Angeles today to get started.